Wednesday, April 10, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (April 10)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Spies, Psychics and Some Canadians

1. The Americans (FX 10/9c)

After one of their own get killed he FBI are on a mission to capture(or kill) any KGB spy that they can get their hands on. It looks like Elisabeth's American helpers are going to be in the line of fire this week, although Philip is the one who is getting the knock on the hotel door. (Also it is made look like it's the FBI knocking at his door but that could just be some good editing.)

2. Psych (USA Network 10/9c)

Lassie is getting married but doesn't want a bachelor party. What? Whaaaat? You and I both know that Shawn and Gus won't let this opportunity go to waste. They kidnap Lassie and set out on what ca only be a hilarious series of events.

3. Big Brother Canada (Slice 8/7c)

Now that Jillian broke her promise to Topaz one can only assume there will be some bad blood in the Big Brother Canada house. Not only that but I hope the Shield (or The S.H.I.E.L.D.) won't go down without a fight. Only one of them needs to win the Power of Veto (although Topaz winning it would secure the votes for their alliance). With the end of the season coming pretty fast now is the point in the game where one mistake will get you out of the house and Alec's propensity to make deals might be his downfall.

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