Tuesday, April 16, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (April 16)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Reality TV Tuesday

1. The Voice (NBC 8/7c)

The first couple of battles were hit and miss(happily mostly hits). Since there are still some artists that I'm excited to see I think the battle rounds can only get better. I'm assuming that there will be three performances tonight and I think with the artists left in play we could be in for a terrific night of sing-to-the-death type of performances(no one dies). Side Note: My Voice Rankings will be happening every Wednesday after the two episodes of the week,

2. Hell's Kitchen (Fox 8/7c)

Last episode we left off with Chef Ramsay calling up four chefs and taking all there jackets. Will he eliminate all four? Or will he just switch them all teams? It's probably the latter since it's still early in the season but you shouldn't be surprised if Gordon Ramsay does anything out of the ordinary.

3. Robot Combat League (Syfy 10/9c)

Yes, this is exactly what it sounds like. Two people control (one the lower body, the other the upper body) a seven foot eight hundred pound robot while they had to smash another robot with there robot. The show is at the semi finals of the tournament so if you jump in now you will be seeing the best robots fighting and not some of the early ones that were made more for aesthetics. And if you do watch just remember when you see these robots smash each other and think "they are just bumping each other," that they are metal giants using hydraulic actuators to send steal fists at each other. If you still think it's corny I think you should stand in from of one of these robots and take a punch.

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