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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 18

Big Brother Canada Recap

The Beast Coast vs The Shield

Now that Gary has left the house you would expect things to die down in the house pretty fast, and you'd be right. I don't see a lot of tension or controversy in the next couple weeks unless the Shield finally decide to step and win something. With a double eviction on Thursday anything can happen and as of right now anyone can go home.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Jillian stayed up on the moving iceberg long enough to make a deal with Topaz that as soon as she was down she went back on. Some how Jillian played Alec and Peter telling them both that Talla was her main target when in reality she is in an alliance with Emmet, Andrew and Jillian. Jillian took charge and might be the best player in the house when you take into consideration her physicality and her social game playing.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Peter - It does not seem like he is the target but since he can't win a challenge the odds are very much against him. He needs to win his first challenge in the Veto in order to keep himself secure.

Alec - Probably the smartest player in the house couldn't win the HoH and is now is serious danger of going home. His only hope to stay in the game is if Topaz wins Veto and takes him off which would force Jillian into nominating Talla and would give the Shield (or The S.H.I.E.L.D.) the votes to keep Peter.

Phone Booth Challenge
(Once and awhile the house is given a challenge, secret or otherwise, in order to earn a reward.)

This week the Phone Booth challenge also doubled as the Have/Have Not challenge. The house guests were tasked with answering the phone every time it rang, for the next five hours, and were only allowed to say yes to whatever Big Brother asked them to do. If they said yes to every task the whole house would be Haves for the week, if they failed they would all be Have Nots.


1. Jillian was asked if she would smear peanut butter all over Alec's chest and then lick it all off. She said yes. (Completed)

2. Andrew and Talla were asked if they would wear costumes for the duration of the challenge. They said yes. Andrew had to wear a french maids outfit and Talla had to wear a toga and a wig. (Completed)

3. Talla was asked if she would wax Andrew's legs. She said yes. (Completed)

4. Emmet was asked if he would answer the phone five times in a row. He said yes. (Completed)

5. Emmet was asked is he would like a cold glass of milk. He said yes. (Completed)

6. Emmet was asked is he would like a second cold glass of milk. He said yes. (Completed)

7. Emmet was asked is he would like a third cold glass of milk. He said yes. (Completed)

8. Emmet was asked is he would like a forth cold glass of milk. He said yes. (Completed)

9. Emmet was asked is he would like a fifth cold glass of milk. He said yes. (Completed)

10. Peter was asked if he would like to eat a big salad. He said yes. (Completed)

11. Alec was asked if he would bath in fish guts for five minutes. He said yes. (Completed)

After all the tasks were completed the whole house earned pizza and all were Haves for the week.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- If you don't like puking this episode was not for you. Both Emmet, from five glasses of milk, and Peter, because of a big salad, ended up puking.

- Peter's aversion to some foods it pretty strange but the fact that he got through the whole thing was pretty humbling.

- Talla called herself the queen at one point but that wasn't as good as Emmet calling her Lalla. I don't know if it's one of her nicknames or if he got it wrong but he definitely called her Lalla.

- Topaz called Talla and jumper and made sure that every one knew that she coined the term that meant she jumped from power alliance to power alliance. I don't think Talla is a so called jumper but that she just hasn't really had an alliance until now.

- Jillian laughed when Alec threatened her that if he was sent home Peter and Topaz would be coming after her. If she could have any two people coming after those would be the best ones for her safety.

- Emmet's puke sounds were like a hose just spraying water into the toilet. It was pretty epic.

Running Cast Grade: B-
(Last Episode: B-)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

With a double eviction coming this week the cast could be extremely depleted of any kind of tension. It looks like Alec is the main target and if he goes home it is most likely Topaz, or Peter to go home next which would mean that a four person alliance would be the four last people and since they are all super nice it could be a very boring end to the season.

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