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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 23

Big Brother Canada Recap

This Episode Belonged To Peter

With another Power Shift coming this episode we look forward to Peter or Talla walking out and one of the members of the jury house coming back into the game. Whatever way the vote(the eviction and Canada's) it will be a different house after this episode.

In Memoriam
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


Peter was an incredible social game player and although he won very little when it came to competitions he definitely won my heart. Whether he was eating pizza, chicken tenders or pizza he always had something clever to say. He was the funniest member of the Big Brother Canada cast and built one of the better alliances of the season. During his exit speech with Arisa Cox he said that because he was out of the game he had played the whole thing incorrectly, but if I were to pick one thing that could have been his downfall was that he didn't get a third or a fourth person into the Shield(or The S.H.I.E.L.D.). I really don't know who I will cheer for the rest of the season and would much rather watch the Jury House with Alec and Peter over the last two weeks of Jemmet, Lalla and Old Man Andrew. You will be missed by all the awkward nerdy Canadians that now see you as a role model.

Chevrolet Power Shift
(Big Brother sometimes likes to affect the game.)

The third Power Shift of the season brought one of the evicted Jury members back into the game. It was between Topaz, Alec, AJ and Gary and it was all decided by a vote from Canada. The vote was close and in the end Gary was chosen by Canada with only five percent more of the next person(they never told us who was the second place finisher in the vote). So Gary re-enters the house with only two weeks left and a whole lot of adversity sitting on the outside of a four person alliance.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)

Competition: Brick by Brick

The house guests each had a metal outline of the big brother house and they had to use different magnetic pieces to build the house. The winner would win the HoH.

(If you want to know the HoH competition winner highlight the space after winner.)
Winner: Emmet

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- A friendly four person alliance is never good for the end of a Big Brother show because there is no tension and very little infighting. The best case scenario is you get The Brigade and worst case you get Beast Coast.

- Talla is the least deserving person in the final five. She hasn't won anything and it appears she doesn't even understand the game.

- The clips of the BBUS contestants was pretty great. Obviously Janelle would love Jillian and Ian would love Peter but the fact that Janelle and Rachel both like Jillian blows my mind.

- Rachel's idea of a Big Brother Mash-up of the Canadians and the Americans is a great idea(maybe her best idea ever) but they should wait until a couple seasons into the Canadian version and wait for me to be on the show!

- Everything about Peter this episode was amazing. His campaigning was some of the best I'd ever seen and if Jillian and Emmet were smart they would have kept Peter just in order to split the alliance of Andrew and Talla. His silent speech before the votes was easily the best one of the season and when he exited the house and became a professional wrestler for a few minutes had me standing and cheering.

- The Jury house scenes were so scripted and directed pretty poorly.

Running Cast Grade: C+
(Last Episode: C)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

At the end of the night Peter left and Gary came back. Andrew wont be happy because he is old and change bothers him, Talla wont understand that Gary is back in the game and Jillian and Emmet share a brain so whichever way one goes the other will follow. Bringing Gary back into the game will be great for a couple days and is a guarantee for some action but in the end he will probably be gone next week and it will be back to the most boring final four since I can remember.

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