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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 27

Big Brother Canada Recap

Life After Andrew

We are now speeding towards the finish line with the final four. Emmet and Jillian have been in complete control of the house since Alec was evicted and they have made the East Coast alliance. Talla still has no idea what it means to be in the final three and Gary is more interested in what he looks like then how he is playing the game. There is a week left and if you are a fan of the show hold on and keep watching because even if the finale is lackluster we want the ratings to be high enough to get a second season.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Jillian earned the HoH power by getting as many true or false questions as both Talla and Gary wrong. The competition ended in a tiebreaker and like pretty much the rest of the contest Jillian won by guessing better than Gary or Talla, which I don't know if that sort of circumstance should ever be rewarded. She got the ire of the house because they had to see her HoH room for the fourth time but really should they be mad at her or mad at themselves for not winning more competitions. Jillian used her power to make a (fake) final two deal with Talla and also securing the idea that she will not go to the final two with Emmet when she clearly is only taking Emmet. When the season ends if she is in the final two I hope the jury can overlook her broken promises and see how good of a game she played when it came to the competition side of things.
(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Gary - I don't know who is the pawn and who is the target this week and at this point the only person who can decide that is the person who wins the Power of Veto (if it isn't the HoH). Gary looks to have the best chance if Emmet wins the PoV but if Talla wins her first competition it could be the end of Gary.

Talla - If Talla decided to win her first competition she could control her fate going into the final three. The more likely thing that will happen is that Talla will not win the PoV and end up just floating her way to the Jury house.
Big Brother Canada Awards
(Canada voted on some of the best moments this season.)

Best House Entrance
Nominees: Talla Walks in Backwards & Gary says Hi to Danielle's big boobs
Winner: Talla walks down the stairs backwards

Best Costume
Nominees: Andrew's French Maid & Jillian Evil Dead Outfit
Winner: Andrew's French Maid

Best Freak Out
Nominees: Suzette on Aneal & Talla 1-9-1-9-9
Winner: Talla 1-9-1-9-9

Best Alter Ego
Nominees: Gary as Zoe Winbur & Alec as Ricardo
Winner: Gary as Zoe Winbur

Best Kiss
Nominees: Emmet and Jillian & Andrew and AJ
Winner: Andrew and AJ

Best Dramatic Cry
Nominees: Aneal's Sympathy Cry & Gary Goes on Slop
Winner: Gary Goes on Slop

Random Thoughts 
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- The HoH competition this week was pretty much a guessing game, unless you want to believe Talla that she was the only one who knew the actual answers.

- Emmet is the most self aware person in the house and the way he played Talla after she got upset was the reason he should win this season.

Running Cast Grade: C
(Last Week: C)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

I don't know about you, but I already know who I want to win and it is pretty simple at this point. The winner of Big Brother Canada should be Emmet and there is no arguing unless you have decided who to root for based solely on who you like more. Emmet has played the best social game, he has had more alliances than anyone and hasn't really burnt any bridges or gotten any blood on his hands. Not only that but he has played one of the best physical games as well winning HoH more times than anyone except for Jillian. If he doesn't make it to the finale I will be shocked and won't root for any of the other people who really don't deserve it.

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