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Big Brother Canada Recap

Big Brother Canada Episode 1 Recap

The Night Canada Met Big Brother
The first night of the Canadian edition of Big Brother aired last night  and even though the first episode lacked a little excitement because everyone is getting to know each other the cast definitely had it's moments. 

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Becoming the first HoH of the season (of the series) is a huge milestone and she can brag about that for the rest of her life. The only thing that makes it look a little silly is that she won the opportunity to nominate two people by answering a phone. Although she didn't necessarily earn it, she did have to nominate two people she had never met before and by doing that put a target on her back. She decided to nominate Tom and Emmet for the sole reason of them being the most fit looking people. She was also the first person to cry this season she now has two first on this edition of Big Brother.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Emmet - The farm boy from the Maritimes kept pretty quiet and didn't try to step on anyone's toes. But by being so fit and nice he automatically had a target on his back and if he doesn't start to play the game early he could be going home early.

Tom - Firefighter from Alberta is nominated next to Emmet because he is also super fit. He seems to have quickly aligned with the boys and if he can sway the house to evict someone besides him and Emmet the alliance will be intact and if he is capable of dominating competitions (it looks like he will be able too) he will be shirtless on TV all 75 days.

Power Of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: Humping Balloons

Participants: Suzzette, Emmet, Tom, Gary, Peter and Aneal

The Power of Veto competition was pretty simple. Use your spike belt to pop balloons, in order to get puzzle pieces and the first one to finish the puzzle is the winner. But the contestants can't use their hands which makes for a lot of balloon humping. Suzette and Tom were ahead of the pack most of the game and in the end Tom won the chance to save himself.

Winner: Tom

Mini-Power Rankings
(A quick rankings of the top players in the house.)

1. Tom - The first winner of the PoV and the only guy that has some sort of alliance or team (with Emmet).

2. Suzette - The first ever Head of Household, she had to nominate two people and probably smartly picked the two most fit looking guys in the house. Even though she already cried, she gets the second spot.

3. Emmet - Not a lot of stuff happened in the first episode and simply for being nominated and playing pretty well in the Veto competition Emmet earns the final spot of the Mini-Power Rankings.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Winning the first HoH by picking up a telephone seems ridiculous.

- The introductions of the players was too long, not only that the first five people had what seemed like 20 minutes all by themselves. Isn't that an advantage?

- Tom lost even more of my respect when he said "I can't stand gay people."

- Arisa Cox did a pretty good job, hopefully she actually interacts with some of the contestants and not just talks at them.

- The editing was all over the place. There were too many quick cuts from Arisa's face to reaction shots over other people shoulders back to Arisa's face in a matter of seconds.

- The quick look we got at the have-not room was disappointing. It didn't look that uncomfortable.

- How much tanning spray/lotion is too much? There is no answer to that question when it comes to Liza.

Prediction Follower
(Checking in on some of my early predictions.)

Suzette - I thought she would be one of the first ones to go and there is still a chance she goes home second but after getting lucky with the HoH she is at least there two weeks.

Emmet - One of my favorites is on the block and has a chance of being the first person to be eliminated.

AJ - AJ was one of my picks to go home first but he has managed to stay under the radar and hasn't ruffled any feathers.

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last Week: B+)
(Grading the cast on a week to week basis.)

I had high hopes for this cast. They haven't let me down but it's tough to give them as high as grade when the first episode has nothing happening. Toms homophobia, Gary's over the top personality and Talla's loud talking doesn't disappoint. I want some conflict but from what I've seen these Canadians are all too nice.

Survivor Power Rankings (Week 3)

Survivor Power Rankings Episode 3

Favorites Doing What Favorites Do

1. Malcolm (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)

Not only did he play a big role in the Favorites immunity challenge, he also found the secret individual immunity idol (it was hidden in a hole in a tree). He seems to have conjured up an air of leadership on his team because his whole team responds well to him. He and Reynolds(Fans) are the toughest competitors in challenges and if he isn't up against a balancing challenge (he lost the last season because his big weakness is balance challenges) he should be able to continue to be a front runner.

2. Brandon a.k.a. The Honey Badger (Favorites)
(Last Week: #1)

The Honey Badger was the man who undid the rope to open the underwater door and the guy who hooked the last sliding piece to their track. If you didn;t wathc the episode what I am saying is that The Honey Badger was one of the main reasons his team won immunity. And although the "pee in the rice" comment he made in last weeks "Next Week On" clip was an edited trick, it was still fun to hear how if he was eliminated he would wreak havoc on the camp (but you won't be there anymore Honey Badger).

3. Sherri (Fans)
(Last Week: #4)

As the mastermind of her alliance it looks like it is getting increasingly tough to keep all her plans in order. She has to keep track of who they are voting for and then switch them to vote for who she wants and most of all she has to try and control Shamar, try being the operative word. Somehow she pulled everything together and her alliance voted as she wanted. One question though, if you are going to split the vote in order to flush out the individual immunity idol out, why would you split it between Eddie and  Hope and not make Reynolds actually play the idol? If this wasn't such an uneventful episode, Sherri would not be this high.

4. Laura (Fans)
(Last Week: #2)

Laura was the person who made Reynolds show everybody she had the idol last week and this week she was still playing super aggressive. She earned the fourth spot simply by making Reynolds think she was voting for Shamar and in the end staying with her alliance. Unless she was actually ready to get Shamar out and then just realized they needed the numbers and the distraction to keep the target off her back. Either way, it was pretty good logic.

5. Reynolds (Fans)
(Last Week: #3)

This guy is a Survivor challenge savant. He always seems to be working and he always seems to be the guy for the fans making the big shots at the right time. (He is still the only reason his team one there only challenge.) With all of his challenge prowess you'd hope he'd have the total package and be able to run the social aspect of the game as well, but alas he doesn't have that part of the game. His early alliance of the "cool kids" was not only separating himself from the other members of the tribe but he did it with not enough people to have the vote secured. The only reason that he may be safe for another couple weeks is because his tribe knows they need him to have a chance at winning a challenge.

6. Phillip (Favorites)
(Last Week: #5)

The only reason I give Phillip the sixth spot this week (besides the episode lacking excitement), is because of his whole spiel about how he plays basketball and how he is so fit. I can't do it justice so here it is:

7. Andrea (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)

Not only is Andrea on the side that keeps winning, within her team she has an alliance with the numbers, but she also has the first member of her alliance that she has to stab in the back picked out. She is beautiful and deadly, if she doesn't get over head like her last Survivor experience, she may have a well mapped out plan.

8. Next Week On Survivor
(Last Week: #9)

This clip at the end of every Survivor episode is becoming a mainstay in these Survivor Power Rankings. This week's Next Week clip has what looks like a hurricane and what definitely is rats. And the rats are jumping on them while they sleep!

9. Survivor Fitness
(Last Week: N/A)

Only only did Phillip explain his amazing basketball skill, he also displayed some of his top level fitness by doing some push ups, some rock lifts and a few log curls (he was actually curling a log). He wasn't the only one either, we got to see a quick shot of Brenda doing some rock exercises on the beach all by herself.

10. Hope (Fans)
(Spot Reserved For Eliminated Contestant)

Hope had a huge opportunity to make a move to keep herself in the game and instead of doing that she made an almost as good play to go after Shamar. In the end her attempt was useless and she is on her way home to hang out with all of her other attractive friends and relatives.

No Air Time All Stars

1. Eric

Two weeks in a row now where the only time we see Eric is when someone is telling him something or when he is competing in a competition. I sometimes forget he is still on the island.

2. Dawn

As a part of Stealth R Us Inc you would think she would have had some more air time but no, she had the least amount of air time in her first couple episodes.

3. Tie Brenda and Julia

Like I said earlier Brenda was exercising on the beach but that was the only time we saw her and Julia, the race car driver, was only used to pass on a message from one alliance to another.

Worst of The Week 


Shamar was easily the worst competitor of the week. At the top of the episode he yelled at his tribe for having had his name written down at the eviction ceremony. But instead of just yelling at those who voted for him he decided to yell at the whole tribe even a few of the member of the alliance. After that Sherri tried to calm him down but Shamar seemed to take it as her telling him that he is a target to go home(?) and went into a deep funk that had him thinking about quitting. He, honorably, decided to stay but as soon as they lost the next competition he was back to his old yelling self and telling Eddie and Reynolds that they disgust him and that they should not talk to him anymore. Shamar ended the episode at tribal council explaining to Jeff how everyone lie and distorts what he says to make him look bad. He ended up staying over Hope but I don't think he understands why and could see him going back to camp and starting this all over again.

T.T.T.TV (Feb. 28)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Spy Games, Nerd Games, and a Little Community

1. Archer (FX 10/9c)

Right now Archer is easily the best TV show airing. If you like dry humor, really old references and over the top antics then you will like this show. Between Krieger, the crazy Doctor, and  Cheryl, the slutty masochist of a receptionist you couldn't ask for more over the top. This week's episode has Anthony Bourdain as a special guest and it looks like Archer is going to have to do some cooking. You know what they say if you can't stand the heat, send in Sterling Archer and he will burn the place down (no one says that).

2. King of the Nerds (TBS 10/9c)

With the finale approaching fast and all the "best" nerds (except for Ivan) are gone, it looks like it will come down to Ivan destroying the competition. With all but a few episodes left get in on this embarrassment of riches that is King of the Nerds. Not to mention there are a couple pretty attractive nerds on this show.

3. Community (NBC 8/7c)

Last week's episode was the best of this early fourth season. It put the two best characters in the fore front and the rest of the cast was at their best. They probably could have found a better guest star to play Abed's pen pal but I am not complaining. Now, all I'm hoping is that they have hit their stride and we can only expect for the season to get better. Troy and Abed getting better!

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T.T.T.TV (Feb. 27)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

The Finale of Top Chef, the Premiere of Psych and a Sprinkle of Survivor 

1. Top Chef (Bravo 10/9c)

It's finally the finale and I am super pumped. Although the always stoned looking Sheldon got eliminated last week, the winner of last chance kitchen and returnee was Kristen (my second favorite).  Kristen has a lot of competition in the prodigy that is Brooke, so I am expecting one of the better cook offs in Top Chef history.

2. Psych (USA Network 10/9c)

Psych is a show about a psychic (a fake one) that helps his local police department solve cases. He doesn't do it alone, he has a sidekick and best friend (Gustard) who is always there to aid in the hijinx. I don't know if in it's seventh season it will lose any steam, all I know is that if you tune in you will be in for some of the best banter you have seen on TV.

3. Survivor (CBS 8/7c)

Last week the Honey Badger (Brandon) was released (with his uncles blood running through his veins) upon the game. In this weeks clip not only does he imply something bad is going to happen, he actually says that he is going to pee in the rice. What kind of Honey Badger pee's in his own food? The smart one, that's who. Anyways with the game seeming pretty even between the teams it looks like either Shamar or Brandon will be going home tonight for simply getting on their teams nerves.

Here is an extra clip of Phillip explaining his basketball moves:

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T.T.T.TV (Feb 26)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Hey Everybody It's Choose-day!

1. Justified (FX 10/9c)

We finally got our first Raylan giving someone an ultimatum and then shooting that person for not complying. Gosh, I love when he does that. This week it looks like Boyd might be the one shooting someone. Whatever way you play it Justified is at it's best when people are being threatened and then shot. Maybe that's just me.

2. Face Off (Syfy 9/8c)

This week the contestants have to team up to create an original werewolf from another planet. I am so pumped to see what they come up with and how Anthony will bounce back from being in the bottom last week.

3. Robot Combat League (Syfy 10/9c)

It's the first ever episode of the RCL and let me tell you, ever since Battle Bots ended there has been a void in my life that only fighting robots can fill. Now it's here, actual robots that are actually fighting. Not only that Chris Jericho is the host!

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T.T.T.TV (Feb.25)

Tonight's Top Three on TV 

What's Better Than The Bachelor? What About a Parody?

1. Burning Love (E! 10/9c)

This is the series premiere of the Bachelor type parody show, where Ken Marino plays a firefighter who has been selected to become the next "bachelor." Ken Marino is one of the stars of Children's Hospital (a Grey's Anatomy parody) and if this show can play on the funny little things that CH does then I know this show will be hilarious. Plus the cast of women on it look amazing.

2. How I Met Your Mother (CBS 8/7c)

With all the skeptical bones in my body it's really hard to say this but, the writers of HIMYM are seemingly headed to reveal who the mother is by the end of this season. I will not hold my breath though, because that would be dangerous and what if I passed out and hit my head? Do you think Barney would care? (Oh, Monday TV...)

3. Being Human (Syfy 9/8c)

Since Monday TV is such a crapshoot Being Human has pretty much secured itself a spot in the top three. Now all the show has to do is get better and it will deserve it's spot. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad show. It's just all the story lines lately have been figuring themselves out in a matter of episodes. Can we get a season long arc?

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Sunday, February 24, 2013

T.T.T.TV (Feb.24)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Sunday, Sunday, Funday!

1. The Walking Dead (AMC 9/8c)

After reading all the comics, in the span of three days, I realize now what they are building to and if they continue on the path of using a little bit of material from the comics they can't lose. Some people think that the worst part of the show is when the are in a place just living but every episode can't be them killing hundreds of zombies. Not only is it financially impossible but if that were the case people would just be saying "all they do is kill a hundred zombies an episode, there isn't a story." What I am trying to say is that there will always people who complain. If you're one of the people who need more zombie killing go read the comics, they do not lack in gore or violence.

2. The Academy Awards (ABC 8:30/7:30c) 

Ooooooh, it's movies big night! I will probably only watch the Seth MacFarlane opening monologue then switch over to something that caters more to my youthful demographic, like Antics Roadshow.

3. The Amazing Race (CBS 8/7c)

The first episode of the season was pretty good, and we already have a team backing out of a deal they made with a four team alliance. There are a couple teams I am rooting for (the hockey brothers, the hot blonde country artists, and the hillbilly's  but the team that I will be rooting against the most is also the team I thought I would like in the first place (the twins). The twin doctors are not only annoying but they act like they are owed the world. I don't hope they go home early though because besides them there aren't that many entertaining cast members this year. Here's hoping for a fist fight.

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Big Brother Canada: Grading the Cast

Big Brother Canada

Grading the Cast

I have decided that because I love Big Brother so much that I will use the little info that I can find on the interweb to predict and grade how the cast of the first ever Canadian edition of Big Brother will do. Since all the house guests have already been sequestered and there are no video interviews (like Big Brother US does), all I have to go on are pictures, an ET Canada clip and a written Q&A session from the website. Here goes nothing.

My Favorites:

Andrew Monaghan

Province: Halifax
Age: 38
Occupation: Insurance Sales Trainer
First Impression: He is the "old guy" in the group. He seems to have a good sense of humor and will probably make friends easily, even if he is 10 to 15 years older then most of the house guests.
Best Quote: When ask if he would hide anything about himself he answered, "I will not show them my privates - I'm a respectable man."
Prediction: If he gets on the inside with the younger players Andrew will most likely last a long time. I could see him being one of the last five.

Emmet Blois

Province: Nova Scotia
Age: 25
Occupation: Dairy Farmer
First Impression: Meat head  jock. He will be great in physical challenges but I don't know how well he will do if has to win an endurance or mental challenge.
Best Quote: "The mental challenges will be tough."
Prediction: He reminds me a lot of Hayden from Big Brother 12 (US). He seems really nice and I believe that if he can join an alliance that is willing to do the dirty work for him, he has a very good shot of winning the whole game.

Alec Beall

Province: BC
Age: 26
Occupation: Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student
First Impression: Smart guy. Thinks his PhD will help him in the game and probably won't be afraid to tell everyone he has a PhD.
Best Quote: "Dr. Will is my role model."
Prediction: If this guy can actually emulate Dr. Will's game I see him going very far. Besides Emmet, he is the only other person I'm sure has a shot to win.

Liza Stinton

Province: Ontario
Age: 29
Occupation: Tanning Salon Owner
First Impression: She is here to play the game. I don't think she will hold anything back. She looks fit, smart and mentally prepared.
Best Quote: "Lie until my lips can't lie anymore."
Prediction: Liza will go as far as she can as long as she can win competitions.

Danielle Alexandra

Province: Alberta
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
First Impression: Sweet, innocent country girl. Probably pretty manipulable. Seems like an an easy out or someone that will be loyal to the end but won't be a leader.
Best Quote: "I hate dirty people."
Prediction: If she follows her plan to have a secret alliance from the start and build from there I can see her making it into the top six or seven. For her to go any farther she will need to be at the top of her game.

I Just Don't Know

Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon

Province: Ontario
Age: 21
Occupation: Communications major
First Impression: Nerdy, Big Brother super fan. Someone who has the nickname AJ better do well by it.
Best Quote: "I also hate wet towels on Beds."
Prediction: I have no idea about Aneal. He could be out in the first few weeks, or he could make it very far and possibly play the Ian role from last season of Big Brother US.

If They Don't Find An Alliance They Could Be In Trouble:

Gary Levy

Province: Ontario
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender/Artist/Stylist Assistant
First Impression: This guys is going to rub some people the wrong way. He will push buttons and thats going to be great.
Best Quote: "I love glitter so much! Everyone needs glitter."
Prediction: If he can secure himself a good alliance he will last, at least, a little while but if he is out on his own, he will be targeted. Gary cannot be a floater.

Peter Brown

Province: BC
Age: 26
Occupation: Web Content Curator
First Impression: This guy seems like a jerk. He seems like he thinks he is better than everyone and he is pretty confident that he is going to win. Did I mention he is a "Professional YouTuber."
Best Quote: When ask what his pet peeve was he answered, "People moving slowly. Walking on the street or an escalator, basically just slow people in general."
Prediction: I have a feeling he is going to do his best to be nice to people because as he says it "it's the most duplicitous thing I can do." If he seems as fake as he does in person as he does on my screen, he will rub people the wrong way and wont last long.

Thomas Plant

Province: Alberta
Age: 24
Occupation: Bartender and Firefighter
First Impression: He doesn't know what he is doing. He will be lost in the house and his ego wont let him rely on anyone.
Best Quote: When asked if he had a strategy going into the house he answered, "No I don't - I'm just going to totally wing it."
Prediction: If he, Peter and Gary were to form a secret alliance the first day, then all get their own alliances on the side, they could easily dominate the house. But they wont do that.


Talla Rajaei

Province: Alberta
Age: 26
Occupation: Independent Living Support Worker and Social Work Student
First Impression: Cute, could easily flirt her way through the game. Seems like she could get along well with the people in the house.
Best Quote: "I know how to get the job done."
Prediction: I don't know if this is the right category for Talla but I do think she even if she does join in an alliance she will be one of the coat tail riders.

Emerald "Topaz" Brady

Province: Ontario
Age: 27
Occupation: Part-time Dental Hygienist and Full-time Student
First Impression: Why would you give yourself the nickname Topaz if your real name is Emerald? Not exotic enough for you?
Best Quote: "I think the physical challenges would be the most difficult for me."
Prediction: She wont be someone who dominates challenges and I doubt she will be a big shit disturber. So I imagine the easiest groove for her to fall into would be floater.

Kat Yee

Province: Ontario
Age: 27
Occupation: Bartender
First Impression: Another good looking girl, but will her game match her looks?
Best Quote: "You wanna be liked but not too liked."
Prediction: She doesn't want to be too liked. I bet she doesn't even want to be noticed really either. Can you say Jenn? (Oh you don't remember Jenn from Big Brother 14? Don't worry neither does anyone else.)

Jillian MacLaughlin

Province: 27
Age: Nova Scotia
Occupation: Teacher
First Impression: Happiest looking person on the cast. She seems like she will be in the game just for the experience.
Best Quote: Her biggest pet peeve is "When people mock me for being healthy."
Prediction: Jillian will only go as far as the coat tails she is riding. I can see it going one of two ways: 1. She hooks up with Thomas and the become the Shane and Danielle of BBC or 2. She gets in a good female alliance but doesn't actually win anything or make a big move.

First Ones Gone:

Suzette Amaya

Province: BC
Age: 36
Occupation: Support Worker, Radio Producer and Host, Motivational Speaker
First Impression: The oldest lady in the cast, she doesn't seem to be in the best shape and that could be a problem in challenges.
Best Quote: "I'm an uber fan!"
Prediction: Being a huge fan of Big Brother should have given her the clue that the oldest and weakest usually go home first. It's sad to say but I do not think Suzette will make it out of the first show.

Anuj "AJ" Burman

Province: Ontario
Age: 32
Occupation: Director of Business Developmental
First Impression: Another guy who has the nickname AJ (AJ is my real name), really? He is a salesman and one of the oldest member of the cast. If he doesn't make friends fast it will be a quick exit for Anuj.
Best Quote: When asked to describe his perfect day he said, " I'd definitely be in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel."
Prediction: If he makes it out of the first two weeks he will have gotten extremely lucky. I don't see him making it passed week 4.

Overall Cast Grade: B+

There is a good mix of people in this cast and a lot of the people actually remind me of players from the American versions of the show. The diversity of the cast is something to be amazed with. Not only are there many different races but the age spectrum is pretty covered too. (Even though there isn't anyone over 40.) The amount of Canada that is represented is nice. There are 6 people from Ontario, 3 from BC and Alberta, and then there are 3 from the Maritimes. (The fact that there aren't anyone from the territories and Saskatchewan is understandable but not one Manitoban was interesting enough to make it. Come on...)

Even though I will not be on the show, and that has made me think of boycotting it altogether, I will be watching almost every episodes for two reasons: 1. If the show doesn't have good viewer ratings it wont get picked up for a second season and I will never get to win the whole game and 2. The cast actually looks pretty interesting. Well done Big Brother Canada.

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada

5 Things You Might Want To Know

1. The Live Feeds Will Be Free

Yeah you read that correct, will be presenting 24/7 live feeds of inside the Big Brother Canada house. Now you wont have to wait to find out who was up first on the second morning of the show. Wooo!

2. Arisa Cox is the Big Brother Canada Host 

I have no idea who Arisa Cox is. After seeing video and pictures I realize that she is a host on E. I know that Julie Chen was not a big deal before she was the host of the American version so I hope Arisa can become as big as Julie is now. And I don't mean pregnant.

3. The Big Brother Canada House is Pretty Cool
(click on image to enlarge)

4. Some of the Contestants have YouTube pages.

Aneal Ramkissoon

Gary Levy

Peter Brown

5. It Starts Next Wednesday!

The first episode airs February 27th at 9pm ET/PT on Slice.