Monday, February 18, 2013

T.T.T.TV (Feb. 18)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

What is on TV on Mondays?

1. How I Met Your Mother (CBS 8/7c)

This season hasn't been le-gen-wait for it-dary, and ever since it was renewed for another season the realization that in order to find out who the mother is you'll have to wait a whole other season. I think it would be cool if for the final season we get a sitcom where Bob Sagget (the voice of adult Ted) is the dad and the two kids he's been telling this 9 year long story too will have actual stories. They have shown us clips of the future before, why can't they have a whole season set there?

2. Being Human (Syfy 9/8c)

The ghost that is not a ghost anymore, but if she sees someone she new before she died they will die, runs into her brother this episode. Which means she has pretty much killed her brother. The only way she can think of stopping it from happening is to go see the witch. The witch doesn't take to kindly to them and that can probably only mean one thing Sally will give up being a not-ghost and go back to being a ghost to save her brother. (That is just a prediction and I have no actual knowledge, besides the clip, of what happens in this episode.)

3. Continuum (Syfy 8/7c)

The Syfy show is just entering the best episodes of the season. You are going to learn some things that make the show make so much more sense. If you still have not seen this show, find a way and watch the whole season now and hopefully you will be ready if they make a season 2.

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