Tuesday, February 5, 2013

T.T.T.TV (Feb. 5)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Good Ol' Tuesday Night TV

1. Justified (FX 10/9c)

Last week we went away from the season's main mystery so that Raylan could go find his money and instead found a van full of chickens. This week it looks like we will get an episode about what Raylan's father and how he might get out of prison early. Didn't he just slash someones neck?

2. The Ultimate Fighter (FX 9/8c)

I have nothing else to say except that in the preview for this episode Dana White said he sees one of the nastiest knockouts ever. There is even an ambulance in the preview. (If you watch as much reality TV as I do than you know they do that for dramatic effect but in this commercial it looks like someone is actually getting put in the ambulance.)

3. White Collar (USA Network 10/9c)

Neil has to find out what the key is for, the only problem is that the clue that he finds leads him into the bowels of the city and the doorstep of a local criminal organization. How will Peter and him figure out how to outsmart the gangsters?

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