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Big Brother Canada: Grading the Cast

Big Brother Canada

Grading the Cast

I have decided that because I love Big Brother so much that I will use the little info that I can find on the interweb to predict and grade how the cast of the first ever Canadian edition of Big Brother will do. Since all the house guests have already been sequestered and there are no video interviews (like Big Brother US does), all I have to go on are pictures, an ET Canada clip and a written Q&A session from the website. Here goes nothing.

My Favorites:

Andrew Monaghan

Province: Halifax
Age: 38
Occupation: Insurance Sales Trainer
First Impression: He is the "old guy" in the group. He seems to have a good sense of humor and will probably make friends easily, even if he is 10 to 15 years older then most of the house guests.
Best Quote: When ask if he would hide anything about himself he answered, "I will not show them my privates - I'm a respectable man."
Prediction: If he gets on the inside with the younger players Andrew will most likely last a long time. I could see him being one of the last five.

Emmet Blois

Province: Nova Scotia
Age: 25
Occupation: Dairy Farmer
First Impression: Meat head  jock. He will be great in physical challenges but I don't know how well he will do if has to win an endurance or mental challenge.
Best Quote: "The mental challenges will be tough."
Prediction: He reminds me a lot of Hayden from Big Brother 12 (US). He seems really nice and I believe that if he can join an alliance that is willing to do the dirty work for him, he has a very good shot of winning the whole game.

Alec Beall

Province: BC
Age: 26
Occupation: Social Psychological Research/Doctoral Student
First Impression: Smart guy. Thinks his PhD will help him in the game and probably won't be afraid to tell everyone he has a PhD.
Best Quote: "Dr. Will is my role model."
Prediction: If this guy can actually emulate Dr. Will's game I see him going very far. Besides Emmet, he is the only other person I'm sure has a shot to win.

Liza Stinton

Province: Ontario
Age: 29
Occupation: Tanning Salon Owner
First Impression: She is here to play the game. I don't think she will hold anything back. She looks fit, smart and mentally prepared.
Best Quote: "Lie until my lips can't lie anymore."
Prediction: Liza will go as far as she can as long as she can win competitions.

Danielle Alexandra

Province: Alberta
Age: 20
Occupation: Student
First Impression: Sweet, innocent country girl. Probably pretty manipulable. Seems like an an easy out or someone that will be loyal to the end but won't be a leader.
Best Quote: "I hate dirty people."
Prediction: If she follows her plan to have a secret alliance from the start and build from there I can see her making it into the top six or seven. For her to go any farther she will need to be at the top of her game.

I Just Don't Know

Aneal Joshua Ramkissoon

Province: Ontario
Age: 21
Occupation: Communications major
First Impression: Nerdy, Big Brother super fan. Someone who has the nickname AJ better do well by it.
Best Quote: "I also hate wet towels on Beds."
Prediction: I have no idea about Aneal. He could be out in the first few weeks, or he could make it very far and possibly play the Ian role from last season of Big Brother US.

If They Don't Find An Alliance They Could Be In Trouble:

Gary Levy

Province: Ontario
Age: 21
Occupation: Bartender/Artist/Stylist Assistant
First Impression: This guys is going to rub some people the wrong way. He will push buttons and thats going to be great.
Best Quote: "I love glitter so much! Everyone needs glitter."
Prediction: If he can secure himself a good alliance he will last, at least, a little while but if he is out on his own, he will be targeted. Gary cannot be a floater.

Peter Brown

Province: BC
Age: 26
Occupation: Web Content Curator
First Impression: This guy seems like a jerk. He seems like he thinks he is better than everyone and he is pretty confident that he is going to win. Did I mention he is a "Professional YouTuber."
Best Quote: When ask what his pet peeve was he answered, "People moving slowly. Walking on the street or an escalator, basically just slow people in general."
Prediction: I have a feeling he is going to do his best to be nice to people because as he says it "it's the most duplicitous thing I can do." If he seems as fake as he does in person as he does on my screen, he will rub people the wrong way and wont last long.

Thomas Plant

Province: Alberta
Age: 24
Occupation: Bartender and Firefighter
First Impression: He doesn't know what he is doing. He will be lost in the house and his ego wont let him rely on anyone.
Best Quote: When asked if he had a strategy going into the house he answered, "No I don't - I'm just going to totally wing it."
Prediction: If he, Peter and Gary were to form a secret alliance the first day, then all get their own alliances on the side, they could easily dominate the house. But they wont do that.


Talla Rajaei

Province: Alberta
Age: 26
Occupation: Independent Living Support Worker and Social Work Student
First Impression: Cute, could easily flirt her way through the game. Seems like she could get along well with the people in the house.
Best Quote: "I know how to get the job done."
Prediction: I don't know if this is the right category for Talla but I do think she even if she does join in an alliance she will be one of the coat tail riders.

Emerald "Topaz" Brady

Province: Ontario
Age: 27
Occupation: Part-time Dental Hygienist and Full-time Student
First Impression: Why would you give yourself the nickname Topaz if your real name is Emerald? Not exotic enough for you?
Best Quote: "I think the physical challenges would be the most difficult for me."
Prediction: She wont be someone who dominates challenges and I doubt she will be a big shit disturber. So I imagine the easiest groove for her to fall into would be floater.

Kat Yee

Province: Ontario
Age: 27
Occupation: Bartender
First Impression: Another good looking girl, but will her game match her looks?
Best Quote: "You wanna be liked but not too liked."
Prediction: She doesn't want to be too liked. I bet she doesn't even want to be noticed really either. Can you say Jenn? (Oh you don't remember Jenn from Big Brother 14? Don't worry neither does anyone else.)

Jillian MacLaughlin

Province: 27
Age: Nova Scotia
Occupation: Teacher
First Impression: Happiest looking person on the cast. She seems like she will be in the game just for the experience.
Best Quote: Her biggest pet peeve is "When people mock me for being healthy."
Prediction: Jillian will only go as far as the coat tails she is riding. I can see it going one of two ways: 1. She hooks up with Thomas and the become the Shane and Danielle of BBC or 2. She gets in a good female alliance but doesn't actually win anything or make a big move.

First Ones Gone:

Suzette Amaya

Province: BC
Age: 36
Occupation: Support Worker, Radio Producer and Host, Motivational Speaker
First Impression: The oldest lady in the cast, she doesn't seem to be in the best shape and that could be a problem in challenges.
Best Quote: "I'm an uber fan!"
Prediction: Being a huge fan of Big Brother should have given her the clue that the oldest and weakest usually go home first. It's sad to say but I do not think Suzette will make it out of the first show.

Anuj "AJ" Burman

Province: Ontario
Age: 32
Occupation: Director of Business Developmental
First Impression: Another guy who has the nickname AJ (AJ is my real name), really? He is a salesman and one of the oldest member of the cast. If he doesn't make friends fast it will be a quick exit for Anuj.
Best Quote: When asked to describe his perfect day he said, " I'd definitely be in Vegas at the Cosmopolitan Hotel."
Prediction: If he makes it out of the first two weeks he will have gotten extremely lucky. I don't see him making it passed week 4.

Overall Cast Grade: B+

There is a good mix of people in this cast and a lot of the people actually remind me of players from the American versions of the show. The diversity of the cast is something to be amazed with. Not only are there many different races but the age spectrum is pretty covered too. (Even though there isn't anyone over 40.) The amount of Canada that is represented is nice. There are 6 people from Ontario, 3 from BC and Alberta, and then there are 3 from the Maritimes. (The fact that there aren't anyone from the territories and Saskatchewan is understandable but not one Manitoban was interesting enough to make it. Come on...)

Even though I will not be on the show, and that has made me think of boycotting it altogether, I will be watching almost every episodes for two reasons: 1. If the show doesn't have good viewer ratings it wont get picked up for a second season and I will never get to win the whole game and 2. The cast actually looks pretty interesting. Well done Big Brother Canada.

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