Thursday, February 14, 2013

Survivor Power Rankings

Survivor Power Rankings: Episode 1

Should the Favorites be the Favorites?

1. Reynold (Fans)

Not only did this guy win the immunity challenge for the fans, by throwing six sand bags into six wholes in what felt like six seconds, but he was also the first player on the show, in many seasons, to get some action. And he did it on the first night.

2. Malcolm (Favorites)

Malcolm was on the last season of Survivor and has an advantage in that out of all the favorites he is the most unknown. That doesn't stop him from making his prowess known. He helped the favorites win flint and rice in the first reward challenge and was beat out by Reynolds in the immunity challenge by seconds. If the favorites can stay strong, he has a good chance at being in the finals again.

3. Phillip (Favorites)

The ex-secret agent is back and so are his pink briefs. In the first episode he has already set in motion what he calls his BR rules (Boston Rob). If Phillip is going to try and emulate what Boston Rob did on his seasons then Phil has a shot at doing well. He has already secured a pretty solid alliance of himself, Andrea, Malcolm, Dawn, Cochran and Corrine. So if he an stay in control he is safe until the favorites lose one too many times.

4. Andrea (Favorites)

The "cute blonde" has started this season off playing extremely aggressive and it almost cost her dearly. If it wasn't for Dawn and Cochran staying true to their word she would be gone already. She gets ranked so high  because she helped Brandon beat the strongest guy on the fans team in the first challenge and ll of her scheming saved her for at least one week.

5. Shamar (Fans)

The only fan to score a point in the reward challenge and the fan that a huge part of starting fire at camp. He started a little bit of beef with Matt because he didn't want to waste energy and get heat stroke on the first day. This guys size might be a problem this season but he has a great chance of doing well.

6. Jeff Probst
 The host of survivor for the entirety of 26 seasons and he hasn't lost a step. His usual go to at tribal council is that he asks simple questions to make the contestants look like idiots and he did exactly that. Plus adding Phillip and Brandon to the mix at any tribal council is like giving Jeff play-doh to mold however he likes.

7. Cochran

Cochran is one of the most popular Survivor players ever for the simple reason that he is non threatening. He does a good job of solidifying that in this first episode but beyond that he also joined a strong six person alliance and has pretty much everyone on his tribe liking him.

8. Julia

She didn't get a lot of camera time, but a lot of the fans didn't. Even with the little amount of time she left one of the biggest impressions. She is a race-car driver and she is athletic, she even out ran one of the males in the immunity challenge. This girl is someone to watch.

9. Francesca

Being that she was the first person voted off of her original season she came into this version playing hard from the start. She aligned herself with so many people that coming into tribal council she thought she had the numbers but in the end if backfired and she was sent home. At least she has a record on survivor now.

10. The Animal Shots

Survivor is known for the shots of wild animals in has in between scenes of half naked, dirty, castaways yell and scream at each other. This season however they seem to have taken it to another level. There is a scene with a turtle swimming and a sped up Survivor theme song playing. They had two crabs waving at each other and they also had a big eyed primate hopping from tree to tree. In the past when those shots came on my thoughts went always to "why don't those animals eat them." In this episode my mind went to "cool," which has to be a good thing right?

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