Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Three More Medals

Four More Canadians Medal 

Canadian's had a good day at the London Olympics today, netting three more bronze medals, and bringing Canada's total to four medals. Antoine Valois-Fortier (Judo), Christine Girard (Weightlifting), and the team of Roseline Fillion and Meahgan Benfeito (Synchronized Diving) all took home third place in the respective events. Christine Girard even became the first Canadian women to ever medal in weightlifting in any Olympics ever.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 8

Are You Rolling with Shane?

Before I start, I just want to state how happy I am that JoJo is gone. Her “Love me or Hate me shirt” and the fact that she’s one of those people who scream shocker when something obvious happens, made me lean to the latter part of the statement on her shirt. It seems that every one of the them are happy she is gone as well.  Everyone except for Shane, he says that when JoJo left “I got a little teary eye.” Man up Shane.

Frank declares his week as head of household was “Fantastic.” Two players were eliminated, two teams are down to one player and Britney is now extremely close to losing her mind.

I swear Wil’s voices are getting weirder and weirder. This week in his diary room interviews he sound like a news reporter on the radio in the 1950’s. Wil very could well be the most annoying character in history, right up there with Marcellas on his first season and Lawon from last season. He even says stuff like this when talking about JoJo leaving, “I’m just bidding my time, waiting for the trash man to pick up trash from the dough.” (He might have said door, but it didn’t sound like it.)

After winning HoH Shane does a diary room interview where he says “Bye, Bye house guests”, I’m curious to know if he thinks he can eliminate everyone else in one week and win it all, or is he going to pull a Willie? I hope somehow Shane goes home this week.

Stop yelling Joe, I’m about to turn of the sound and put on subtitles every time he comes on the screen just to protect my ears.

Shane is creepy to me, especially when he says stuff like “JoJo’s gone so, full speed ahead with Danielle.”

Britney is on a whole rant about how she’s “tired of some peoples attitudes”, and she’s “tired of people’s general sassiness.” She quickly turns to Janelle and Boogies team saying “It’s time for Boogie’s players and Janelle’s players to feel what the block feels like.” Ashley, of all people, notices and says of Britney’s behaviour “Britney is kind of drunk with power right now, it’s kind of scary.”

This year’s HoH rooms don’t change; they all have the same simple design just with new personalized munchies and pictures.

Britney starts a conversation with one of the weirdest statements that has ever been uttered in the Big Brother house, “Dan it’s like our kids are dating.” Danielle sits there quietly with a real awkward look on her face. Then Brit goes into godfather mode trying to plan out the week, telling Shane that the best way to get someone you want out is to put one member of each team up for nomination. Dan and Britney both say that Frank is the biggest threat but because Shane has a side deal with him that no one knows about, he tells his coaches simply “I don’t think I can put up Frank this week.”

Joe decides his best way to stay in the house is to cook Shane a huge breakfast and continuously calling him the king of the house. The whole spectacle gets Boogie to notice “I’ve seen a lot of butt smooching, in my days in the Big Brother house. What I haven’t seen is a house guest cook breakfast for the new HoH. Joe has taken this to depths of patheticness I have never seen before. I don’t even know if that’s a word.” Shane even states that this sort of sucking up this early is ridiculous.

Boogie asks Ashley if she is a hippie to which Ashley answers “I would say a modern day hippie. But it’s weird cause I like rap music.” She goes on to tell Mike Boogie about dream boards, Mike is definitely into the idea of putting your wishes and dreams on a board and not actually doing any work.

Danielle talks with Shane about nominations, telling him that the way to make the biggest splash is to put up Wil and Frank. Why won’t the people just get it in their head that Shane has a man crush on Frank? Shane finally lets slip to Danielle that he made a deal with Frank. Then Shane and Danielle do some pinkies swear kiss their hand thing in order to secure their final two deal. Didn’t Shane say he wanted to work a final two deal with Frank last week? Danielle completely believes Shane is sincere, poor Danielle.  

The coach’s competition set is the Big Brother Gym. The backyard is filled with workout equipment and the contestants are dressed like workout video background dancers. The competition is a three rounder; the coaches compete to get as many reps as possible on a workout machine in the allotted amount of time. The coach with the least amount of reps each round is eliminated until there is only one coach left. When a coach is knocked out of the game they get to open a locker to receive either a reward or a punishment.

The first round is the Booty Scooty, where they have to move a seat back and forth by using their butt. It all looks like they are simulating some sort of sex act with Danielle even saying “this is one movement I never wanted to see Mike Boogie do. Gross!” Boogie easily takes first place in the first round leaving Britney as the loser. She opens her locker and has give to people the priviledge of eating slop all week. Ian volunteers again, stating some kind of strategy as the reason (Maybe he thinks if he gets skinny enough he can hide for the rest of the time and everyone will forget he’s in the house.), Brit also picks Joe to go on slop for the week.

The second round is called Hip-2-Hip Extreme; the coaches have to bounce their hips back and forth touching a sensor on each side. Janelle rocks the round and easily wins. Boogie is the loser and picks up cash to spread money amongst his team members, he chose to give Ian $3,000 and Jenn $1,000. Ian is so moved by Boogie’s decision he starts to cry. (I wonder if Ian realizes Boogie was going to give the $3,000 to Frank before Frank pointed at Ian and Jenn telling Boogie to pick them?)

The head to head round between Janelle and Dan is called the Tongue Trainer. The coaches have to use their tongues to hit a little bar, that counts their reps, back and forth. (Ew?) Janelle has definitely used her tongue before, she dominates the round by 50 reps, that means Dan is the loser. When he opens locker to get his reward he finds a ticket for a sushi party that he gets to have in the backyard with five other house guests of his choosing. The five people he picks are Janelle, Britney, Mike Boogie, Shane’s tanned ass, and his player Danielle.

As the Winner Janelle has to choose either to trade a player or trade a player. She chooses to give immunity to Wil for the week.

The have not meal for the week, voted in by America, is cereal and salmon causing the whole house to have fond memories of that time Willie went crazy in the house. Ian is pumped again this week saying that this and the pudding are some of the best have not foods in Big Brother history. I agree, where are the rutabagas and squid?

Boogie and Frank go to the HoH room to talk to Britney and Shane about the nominations this week. Britney is doing all the talking for Shane and he seems very uncomfortable knowing that he has a deal with Frank and Boogie that he never told Britney about.

At the nominations ceremony Shane puts up Joe and Ashley saying “only one coach has not had the opportunity to have any players up on the block. And I want to give that coach what it feels like to have that happen.”

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Canada's First Medalists

Heymans and Abel

It's only the second day of these XXX Olympic Games and Canada has it's first medalists. Emilie Heymans and Jennifer Abel took bronze medal in the Synchronized 3m springboard. The bronze not only secured Canada's first medal it also ensured that Heymans became the first diver to medal in four consecutive games.

Big Brother Update (July 27-28) (Spoilers)

Can Shane Play the Game?

Shane has taken power as the Head of Household and now he has to play a game without team members and one of the worst possible coaches you could have. Let’s see how things have gone for him since the last episode.

July 27

·         Joe, trying to get on his good side, cooks Shane breakfast.
·         Shane is telling the house that he will nominate Frank and Joe.
·         Janelle wins the coaches challenge.
·         Janelle gives immunity to Wil. (He needs it!)
·         The have not’s are Joe and Ian
·         Shane nominates Joe and Ashley.
·         Janelle doesn’t like that very much; she even tells her team she wishes she could nominate Frank and Shane.
·         Danielle is flirting hard with Shane. Shane seems disinterested.
·         Janelle plans on her team winning the Veto in order to make Shane change the nominations.

July 28

·         Shane wins the Veto (Third straight week! This guy is a beast.)
·         Half the house has a designated Big Brother Sushi Party in the backyard.
·         The other half has an “underwear” party in the house.
·         Ian and Wil end up streaking. (Really? Ian keep your clothes on.)
·         Danielle and Shane kiss. (OMG)
·         Shane says that Joe is going home this week. 

Olympics on my Mind

Some Idea’s for New Summer Olympic Events

With the Olympics in London under way, I was thinking about a few possible events that would maybe draw in and keep my attention a little longer than, let’s just say, Horse Jumping. I came up with a few ideas that would not only be fun to see in the Olympics but could also possibly bolster the ratings.

Break Dancing

It’s pretty much rhythm gymnastics, I would even go as far as saying it’s harder. There are already world wide competitions, so you wouldn’t need to create any rules. Not only that, but breaking is huge all over the world.


I don’t care how, but I need for Slamball to become popular. Slamball is easily one of my favorite sports but has never taken off.


I have a feeling that boxing fans would not like to see this change. But for those of us who are leaning more to the MMA style fighting this might draw up some interest. You ever been punched in the head a couple times, then been asked to make a fast and logical chess move? Yea, me neither, doesn’t seem to hard.

Beer Pong Dunking

Not Beer Pong. No, I want to add the single part of Beer Pong that looks exciting. You could make it a distance event or you could even judge on difficulty and style of dunk.

Belly Flopping

We already give out medals for smallest splash (actually it has a lot more to do with the dive that competitors do, but for the sake of this argument all you do in diving is make a small splash).  You could probably bring over a lot of events from the Hillbilly Olympics, seeing as how every country has their own version of Hillbilly’s.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 7

Dr. Will and the Twist We've All Been Waiting For


It is the second eviction week in the Big Brother house (if you don’t count Jodi, and who really does?) and the house doesn’t seem divided at all. You have six players aligned under two coaches who are running the game without evening breaking a sweat.

This episode starts after the veto competition and Danielle has just been put up. She is still under the impression that Dan has abandoned her and she is having a hard time being alone in the game. Dan tries to smooth things over, realizing his plan has backfired, by explaining what he was trying to do when he told her she had to do it on her own. She forgives him pretty easily saying “I know he has a good heart and had good intentions.”

JoJo and Shane do some pre bedtime flirting in the have not room while Ian tries to sleep. Although I think JoJo and Shane are only being half serious when they joke about making out and their thongs, Ian believes that they are actually flirting and about to go to town on each other with him in the room. Ian even refers to what’s going on by saying that “Shane is trying to board the Staten Island Ferry.”

The next day Danielle asks Ian about what they were talking in about in the have not room and he told her that JoJo was joking about climbing onto Shane (I don’t remember that, but I wasn’t there). Danielle doesn’t like the idea of JoJo flirting with Shane saying “last I remember Shane is interested in me.” Really Danielle you just met the guy?

Danielle, Ashley and Janelle talk about their ideal man, Ashley says she needs a big guy saying that she would “crush [Shane] in bed.” She goes on to say that Shane is “becoming emancipated” which she explains to Danielle as meaning “you’re so skinny you start to get introverted. This Ashley girl is my hero. And I think she meant emaciated, which you think the nurse would correct her about.

All of a sudden Danielle brings up the misinformation that Ian told her, to Janelle and Ashley, skewing it even more. She tells them they wanted to get on top of each other last night. Danielle keeps going on about how Shane has chosen JoJo over her and how she lost to Staten Island. I don’t know if she is just saying all this to try and get Janelle’s vote or she actually believes it but it just seems really strange.

Britney tries to talk sense into JoJo. She tries to get her to play the game a little better but JoJo just keeps replying “I know, no, I know.” Britney decides to take it upon herself to keep JoJo in the game, so she goes to talk to Boogie. Boogie controls all of the power right now and could definitely change the game by aligning with Britney over Janelle, but he seems hesitant.

Julie comes back from commercial to talk to the house guests. She asks Joe about the whole incident with Willie, Joe says he just wanted to tell Willie “if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.” What was that Joe I didn’t hear you maybe you could yell louder next time. She asks Ian about it as well and he says that his experience as a R.A. at Tulane helped him deal with the situation. I bet Ian ran away in nothing but a towel a lot at Tulane.

Dr. Will is on today’s episode! I’m so excited that I can’t even recap that part properly, so here a few quick points from Dr. Will’s interview.

·         He thinks Boogie is playing phenomenal.
·         Boogie’s downside would be his big ego.
·         Chill Town stabs you in the front
·         “[Boogie] is coaching Frank to be his new Frankenstein.”
·         The other coach’s play is lackluster.
·         “If Kermit the frog and Ryan Seacrest had a baby, that baby would be Dan”
·         “Dan’s eyes got pulled in the gravitational force of boobies.”
·         “[Britney] you got to put your coach hat on.”
·         Janelle is a phenomenal competitor
·         “If [Janelle] loses, however, she will just be a three time loser.”
·         He thinks Ian will win because Boogie is just a forty year old Ian.

It’s time for the live eviction, J-Chen talks to Frank telling him she likes his shirt only to have this back and forth:

Frank: Are you my home girl Julie?
Julie Chen: Are you my home skillet?
Frank: Absolutely!
Julie Chen: Good, then we’re on!

Yes, Julie Chen you are on.

When Julie asks the nominees to give their speech letting the others know why they should stay in the house JoJo goes first. JoJo is still trying to play off as if she is loyal, she tells the house guest they are making a mistake voting her out and that a lot of the people in the house are afraid to make big moves, but she isn’t. Danielle on the other hand keeps her speech real short and sweet telling everyone that she loves them and loves the times hse has had in the house. I think we know who is going home.

With a count of five to one JoJo is sent home (Shane is the only vote to keep JoJo). When she sits with Julie Chen for her farewell interview Julie asks her something I’ve been curious for the last week. “We heard you say, in the house this week several times, that you deserve to be in the house more than Danielle. Why did you believe that?” JoJo starts off rambling as she usually does only to give off a decent answer for once stating the fact that she was the only girl that constantly competed in the competitions. I don’t really believe her but she also gave her first succinct answer, so I’ll let it go. On her video clip of farewells Shane doesn’t disappoint for a second week saying that their make out talks left him with some good dreams, then he laughed and put on a creepy smile. Oh Shane.

Back in the house it’s time for the HoH competition. The competition this week is one where you have to use a hockey stick to hit a puck around a couple obstacles to get it in a numbered section. The highest number score at the end wins the competition. The competition starts with Ashley hitting a four, then Joe takes an hour to make his shot prompting Julie to tell him that we need to hurry this up. Joe gets three. Jenn gets a score of zero, Ian gets nine and Wil gets a lowly two. Then comes Shane, who is Britney’s last player and needs HoH for his safety. He get’s twenty and after Danielle gets a zero Shane is crowned the new HoH, and without and thought Britney leaps into Shane’s arms in celebration. Britney your celebrating antics are not helping you.

That’s not the end of the show though, Julie Chen is back to tell America that they have a chance to change the game for good. Britney’s suspicions are coming true if America so decides. America’s vote this week is whether or not to give the coaches the opportunity to get in the game and play for $500,000 grand prize. We will learn the results next Thursday on eviction night, until then we wait and watch to see who Shane will nominate and what will happen with the Golden Power of Veto.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Get Ready for the Olympics

Olympic Fever

With the Olympics in London starting Friday, I figured I should find a couple of videos to get everyone in the mood for these Olympic Games. Well you are in luck I found more than a couple and here they are. Enjoy.

The USA Men’s National Basketball Team looks pretty good

Who knew Rhythmic Gymnastics was this intense?

Handball can get kind of crazy

BMX cross is always entertaining

Did I mention Women’s Beach Volleyball?

Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt will be there

So will Michelle Jenneke!

Visa puts out some good Olympic commercials

Oh Yeah, the Canadian Senior Women's National team is doing this...

Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 6

Coaches are Still in Charge

In the opening theme music for this episode, I noticed, that when they showed the pictures of the house guests instead of having a black and white picture of Willie they had a clip of him being kicked out of the house. I thought that was great. Even though he is no longer in the house Willie gets a lot of air time this episode, everybody is talking about him. Some of the house guests try and explain what happened during the fight, with Ian saying that he want to break them up but was in a towel and extremely scared.

Is it just me or is Janelle playing everyone really well? She has been in the HoH room for almost the two first weeks but none of her players have ever been HoH. She’s playing Boogie so well that he tells her his plan. He wants to put up JoJo and one of his own team, so that Shane cannot play in the veto competition, in order to backdoor Shane out of the house. Frank doesn’t seem to ok with putting up someone from his team as a pawn.

This episode has the nominations, the veto competition and the veto ceremony so they decided to move pretty quickly over the nominations. Frank decided to nominate the easiest choices in Willie’s alliance of JoJo and Shane. The fact that both Britney’s players get nominated makes her feel embarrassed and disappointed in Willie for putting their team in this position. Britney tells JoJo and Shane that they need to re-integrate themselves into the house after what has transpired. JoJo is super pisssed and might pull a Willie because no one hugged her or Shane after they were nominated. Not hugging someone after they’ve been nominated in the Big Brother house is like walking right by someone after they’ve said hello and tried to shake your hand.

The players for the Veto competition are Frank, JoJo, Shane, Ian, Wil and Ashley. This looks like it will be an easy win for Shane, Frank, or Ian. Frank also makes Joe the host fro the competition, which is awesome for him because now he has an excuse to be extremely loud and obnoxious.

We take a break from the game to learn about Ashley’s ideal man. While describing him she lists off everything that he is going to need to like including, eating food and sleeping (I don’t think she said breathing but I’m sure she wants someone who likes breathing). Ashley needs a man who literally likes everything.

The competition for the Veto is a memory/chip dipping/fiesta contest. All the competitors were dressed in nacho chip costumes. The goal of the game was to find menu items in the kiddie pools filled with cheese, salsa and guacamole. Then they have to take the menu items and recreate the master menu, when their done they ring their bell. The contestant with the most items correct in the least amount of time wins.

Ian thinks he has this game in the bag seeing as how he “practically has a photographic memory.”  The competition is pretty close but Shane rings his bell first. Ian finishes second and then JoJo, Frank, Wil. Ashley takes her time so that she can make sure she has them all right. After she finishes Joe yells out the result. Everyone but Ashley got all the menu items right, the one who finished fastest and the winner of the Golden power of Veto ends up being Shane. He celebrates his win by jumping into the pool of guacamole. Britney is so excited she jumps into the pool with Shane. (Maybe a little too excited Britney?)

As soon as the competition is over Shane goes to see Boogie and Frank in order to make a deal. Boogie and Frank see Shane as an asset so they are very open to aligning with him. Boogie even says that “I’m presently treating Shane like that wounded animal you find in the woods that’s got its leg caught in a bear trap. You pick up that animal, you walk it back to your cabin and you nurse it back to health. And then you know what you have? A very loyal pet.”  Shane leaves the Head of Household room by thanking Boogie for the opportunity to talk with him. Shane is not a leader in this game, if he was he could win the whole thing but instead he is a follower and will be used by Boogie and Frank to further them along in the game.

Danielle knows that she is going up after Shane won the power of Veto. Dan tries to pull a coaching tactic where he tells her she’s on her own and has to do it herself because he can’t help her. I’ve coached both guys and girls before and I know for a fact most women do not do well with the abandoning tactic. And most of the time men only get it when they are on a team because when you “abandon them” (that’s such a harsh way to describe it but you basically leave them to do it on their own) they have a group of people to help support them. Needless to say when Dan decides to play this card with Danielle she is completely alone and breaks down. 

Side Note: I have a feeling that once a coach loses all their players they will re enter the game. I don’t know if they will play for another coach or if they will play without a coach. This is just a theory and by no means is based in any truth.

Shane with a last minute play to Frank, after seeing Danielle crying, to try and get him to put up Wil in his place instead of Danielle. Frank tells Shane that he’ll think about it but Frank doesn’t want to step on any ones toes except for the people who tried to get him out last week. He doesn’t want to make more enemies. During Shane and Franks private discussion I swear Frank was trying to impersonate Matthew McConaughey.

At the Veto ceremony Shane obviously takes himself off the block which means Frank has to replace his nominee. Frank does not surprise anyone by putting Danielle on the block, he keeps his speech short and doesn’t really explain his decision only apologizing to Danielle.

Tomorrow either Danielle or JoJo are going home, eliminating Dan or crippling Britney with only one player left in the game. After this week it will start to get tough to stay under the radar with Boogie and Janelle’s team realizing that the coaches with one player left could be their swing vote when they go after the other team. Something is about to hit the fan and for right now the coaches are still the ones throwing it.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Brother Update (July 22-24) (Spoilers)

Life without Willie

Since Willie was expelled, the house seems to have taken their foot of the gas pedal. Things in the house have calmed down and the game play has taking a back seat to making predictions about the next twist of the season.

July 22

·         Joe thinks the players will be redistributed amongst the coaches.
·         Boogie believes that the next coach’s competition winner will get to bring back an eliminated player. (I would think that would be between Kara and Jodi seeing as how Willie was expelled.)
·         Britney still thinks the coaches will enter the game at some point.
·         House guests find a bocce ball game in the back yard after a lockdown.
·         Ashley and JoJo talk about a possible alliance.
·         Britney claims the Big Brother production did not intervene with the Willie/Joe fight until after the fourth head butt.
·         Shane wants Frank to nominate Wil after he removes himself from the block with the Veto.

July 23

·         Boogie and Frank think Shane is an asset.
·         Shane removes himself from the block with the Golden Power of Veto.
·         Frank nominates Danielle in Shane’s place.
·         JoJo and Shane discuss that if someone doesn’t come back into the game that the next person eliminated will be the first member of the jury.
·         Joe thinks it would be a good idea to eliminate Dan from the competition by evicting Danielle this week.
·         Frank likes the idea of two coaches being limited to one player each, which means he leaning to voting JoJo out.
·         JoJo wishes that Rachel was her coach instead of Britney.
·         Ashley, JoJo and Shane make plans to bring Ian into an alliance with them. Shane wants Ashley to get Ian to nominate Joe, Wil or Jen if he wins HoH next week. (Shane, Ian would need to win HoH for that to happen. You really think he can? Come, on.)

July 24

·         Frank and the rest of the house take pictures with his HoH camera.
·         JoJo puts makeup on Shane. (Not surprising.)
·         The house guests find alcohol in the storage room.
·         Britney, Ashley and Danielle all get in the HoH bathtub with their drinks.
·         JoJo tries to buy Joes vote with cigarettes.
·         Janelle isn’t sure if she should knocked Dan out of the game or get her team to vote out JoJo making Britney take the hit.

Michael Jackson Origin Story

Alien Michael Jackson Baby

If you've ever wanted to know how one of the greatest preformers ever comes to be this video, from the new show Black Dynamite, explains the origin story of the king of pop Michael Jackson. It also explore's what happened to the long lost Jackson, SHA-MON! Oh poor sweet SHA-MON!

AJ Ranks Vol. 5: Cartoons for Adults

The Best Cartoons for Adults

There are a lot of cartoon’s on nowadays that are completely veered toward adults and older teenagers. Most of these cartoons use suggestive humor and violence. The best ones though use suggestive humor and violence as a small part of the puzzle adding dynamic stories, clever takes on certain subjects and even character interactions to bolster the end product.

10. The Cleveland Show

A spin-off of another adult cartoon (Family Guy), this show is the brain child of Seth MacFarlane. The show surrounds Cleveland Brown, his son, his new wife, and his two step-kids. The Cleveland show has a lot of the same humour as Family Guy, for obvious reasons, even bringing out the old talking animal bit. One of Cleveland’s good friends, and neighbor, is a talking bear named Tim, and even though he acts human most of the time still has his bear tendencies.

9. Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers just finished its second season with a strong showing. The show is about Bob and the diner he owns with his wife and three kids. Bob’s wife Linda and kids Tina, Gene, and Louise all help him run the diner. The kids are definitely what make this show funny. The parents have their moments too but those usually come when interacting with the kids.

8. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Three anthropomorphic fast food items-Masters Shake, Frylock and Meadwad-and their neighbor, Carl Brutananadilewski, go out and do ridiculous things over and over every week. This is the longest running original series on Adult Swim and has developed a cult following that resulted in two animated feature films and three different spin-offs. This show is so far out there that you really need to enjoy these kinds of shows or be really stoned to get into it.

7. Beavis and Butthead

Originally created in 1992, Beavis and Butthead is about two teenagers who live by themselves and go to school sometimes. Each episode usually consists of two short stories broken up by little skits where the boys, on their couch watching TV, make fun of a music video. In the newer reincarnate of the series, airing in 2011, the boys also ripped on some reality TV shows and internet videos. Although the original was so popular in its time that it spawned a animated feature film, the newer version is having a hard time finding its legs with teenagers in the 21st century.

6. Family Guy

Seth MacFarlane’s original cash cow, Family Guy, is now on its 10th season after already being cancelled once and revived because DVD sales went up to an astounding level. Most of this shows humour is built into the cutaway scenes or even over the top slapstick that could only work on a cartoon. Even though I haven’t seen many of the newer episodes, the Star Wars parodies that were done were done very well.

5. Futurama

From the creator of The Simpsons, Futurama is all about a guy named Fry being accidentally cryogenically frozen in the year 2000 and is thawed out in the year 3000. He goes to work for his only living relative, Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, as a delivery boy at Planet Express. The show revolves around Fry’s life and friendship with a robot, a alien man-crab thing, his cyclops girlfriend, a Martian and limbo obsessed paper pusher. This is another show that was cancelled but ended up being revived due to fan support.

4. The Simpsons

Going strong for 23 seasons and counting, The Simpsons has always been a staple on fox’s Sunday night lineup, well at least for as long as I can remember. Dimwit of a Dad Homer works at a nuclear power plant while his wife, Marge, takes care of the three kids, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. With Bart being a trouble maker, Lisa the braniac and Maggie never one to say the wrong thing, The Simpsons has never been without a good story to tell. In fact they’ve actually told numerous stories in more than one way (they’ve owned like three different horses).

3. Black Dynamite

Originally a live action blaxploitation spoof film, it has recently been turned into an animated series on Adult Swim. The show follows a former CIA agent named Black Dynamite and his team while they try to figure out who is behind all the ninja’s that are running around town. The problem is that they seem to be easily side tracked. In the first two episodes alone Michael Jackson and the Porn industry, respectively, drew focus away from their main objectives. This show is funny not only in the obvious over the top stereotyping but some of the subtle jokes they throw out are pretty special.

2. Archer

The same voice actor that stars as Bob in Bob’s Burgers stars in Archer as the title character. Sterling Archer is an international man of mystery, a trained spy for his mother’s company ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service). Every character on this show has his or her place and they all work very well together. The humor of the show is very up front and confrontational. For one whole episode it is believed that Archer has breast cancer which leads to many inappropriate but hilarious jokes.

1. South Park

Creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have discovered a way to satirize the world through four fifth graders that I never knew was possible. They take a small concept like women nagging men to put the toilet seat down and they stretch it out into a 23 minute long comment on society. Not only that, they do it while making most people laugh. It’s crazy to think that these guys put together each episode of South Park in 6 days, but they do.