Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics on my Mind

Some Idea’s for New Summer Olympic Events

With the Olympics in London under way, I was thinking about a few possible events that would maybe draw in and keep my attention a little longer than, let’s just say, Horse Jumping. I came up with a few ideas that would not only be fun to see in the Olympics but could also possibly bolster the ratings.

Break Dancing

It’s pretty much rhythm gymnastics, I would even go as far as saying it’s harder. There are already world wide competitions, so you wouldn’t need to create any rules. Not only that, but breaking is huge all over the world.


I don’t care how, but I need for Slamball to become popular. Slamball is easily one of my favorite sports but has never taken off.


I have a feeling that boxing fans would not like to see this change. But for those of us who are leaning more to the MMA style fighting this might draw up some interest. You ever been punched in the head a couple times, then been asked to make a fast and logical chess move? Yea, me neither, doesn’t seem to hard.

Beer Pong Dunking

Not Beer Pong. No, I want to add the single part of Beer Pong that looks exciting. You could make it a distance event or you could even judge on difficulty and style of dunk.

Belly Flopping

We already give out medals for smallest splash (actually it has a lot more to do with the dive that competitors do, but for the sake of this argument all you do in diving is make a small splash).  You could probably bring over a lot of events from the Hillbilly Olympics, seeing as how every country has their own version of Hillbilly’s.

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