Friday, July 20, 2012

Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 4

The First Live Eviction

 “From the moment they entered the house the coaches have controlled this game. But tonight, all the power lies in the hands of their players.” – Julie Chen

Episode four started like all other Big Brother episodes, with a recap from the last week. I feel like we seen this recap like eighty times already (it’s only been four).  At least this time the narrator is giving us some comic relief saying about Shane and not using the Veto “The house flipper decided not to flip the house.”

Back in the game Frank is talking to Willie after not being saved at the Veto meeting, telling him that he trusts him the most in the house. Willie agrees and tells Frank that he wants him to stay in the house more than Kara. Willie even went as far as to campaign for Frank when his alliance was meeting.

Britney and Janelle’s team were split on who they wanted to evict, they had a talk and on the way out of the HoH room everyone seemed to be on the same page in voting Kara out this week.

Janelle is trying to play both sides, she is telling her team and alliance to vote out Kara and then she goes and sees Dan and tells him that she wanted Frank out but nobody else does. Not only is she playing both sides both her initial alliance member, Britney is getting suspicious that Janelle is playing her and might have something going on with Dan.

Britney isn’t just paranoid with Janelle, she is paranoid about everything. She notices that the coach’s pictures on the wall all have key holes next to them, which leads her to believe that the coaches will re-enter the game at some point. The paranoia must be getting to her because she tells her suspicions to Willie (of all people... really?) and makes him promise not to tell anyone.

Being the upstanding good guy that he is, Willie rounds all the newbie’s up for a house meeting and tell them all about Britney’s suspicion. The idea of the coaches controlling his game and the coming into it after isn’t sitting to well with him. Willie wants to get everyone in the room to play for themselves and not their coaches. During the meeting most of the house guests seem to agree with Willie, except for Joe. Joe says to Willie “I think you’re playing too fast... You’re guessing at what’s going to happen.” Only to have Willie yell at him “I know what’s going to happen!”

Wil gets up from the meeting and said “I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m taking a 24 hour break from game talk altogether. I’m tired of it.” Wil’s declaration didn’t sit well with a Willie I assume because Willie is so into the game he couldn’t imagine someone not wanting to be in the game.

Frank was not confident with where he stood in the house after the newbie’s meeting so he thought he should go meet with Willie. The discussion turned into a bitching match about the meeting ending with Willie impersonating Wil’s statement about taking a break and Frank not taking too kindly to it. I guess Frank is really intolerant of people mimicking other people.

Joe and Frank talk game and for whatever reason Joe tells Frank that they were planning on splitting the vote in order to have Willie make the tie breaking vote. News that Willie has lied to him again is the last straw. Frank is done with Willie and decides to tell Joe that Willie was mocking Wil. (Nobody in the episode says it but I think everyone is extra mad because Willie made fun of the gay guy in the house. If Wil was just a feminine straight guy I don’t think anyone cares about the impersonation.) As soon as Joe hears that there is more info he can use to start fires, he runs and tells Wil that Frank told him that Willie made fun of him. (That’s some schoolyard bullshit.) Wil extremely upset with Willie goes and complains to Britney about what her player said. Britney being the good coach that she is tries to defend Willie but just can’t seem to make him look good. She runs and tells Willie what is going on and he heads out to confront Frank. The surprising thing about this whole scenario is that when Britney went to tell Willie what she heard it didn’t come out as purple monkey dishwasher.

Willie and Frank have the first “fight” of the year. Frank tried to stay calm and act cool telling Willie to calm down a couple times. Willie wasn’t having any of that calling Frank a “shady motherf-----“ and a “Piece of shit.” Willie continued and was yelling that the house should vote Frank out and that everyone should keep Kara. Boogie decided to get involved asking if Willie was the boss of everyone and telling him to let everyone however they wanted. During this whole event Britney looks absolutely horrified with what Willie is doing.

Julie Chen is back prepping us for the first live eviction and teasing us with a new surprise for the coaches. She talks to the house guest and asks Wil and Ashley for one word to describe the first week in the house, Wil’s answer was “Oh goodness” (in one of his stupid voices) and Ashley’s was “Loosey goosey.” Some of these contestants are so smart.
Julie then gives the two players on the block to a chance to say some final words and sway some votes. Frank gives a long winded speech about not playing for anyone but yourself and to keep the person that will help you in the long run, he also get on this whole bullying rant that had me really confused. Kara pretty much says the same thing but with a lot more sex appeal. Too bad sex appeal doesn’t get you the votes and Kara was evicted. Five house guest voted to evict Kara leaving the split at 5 – 3. The house didn’t seem too shocked and the only “fake” consoled each other for a few minutes.

Kara had a quick exit interview with Julie saying she was evicted because the players were afraid of her coach, Dan. Julie Chen looks like she agrees with Kara. J-Chen prompts Kara to watch the goodbye messages from her fellow house guests. Danielle her teammate says goodbye, Joe yells at the scream, Shane creepily talks about her legs and Dan apologizes for him not being able to keep her in the game.

After eviction we go straight into the next HoH competition that actually started the night before. The Big Brother house guests were awoken almost every hour of the night with videos of a burglar doing a whole bunch of random stuff in the house. The house guests had to remember the specifics of the videos because the HoH competition was all about answering questions about what the burglar had done.

Willie and the coaches have to sit on the side and watch the contestants in the HoH competition. Everyone gets the first question right. The second question which is just as easy as the first one stumps only one competitor, Shane, 8 contestants left. The third question stumps everyone but Wil and Frank, meaning that one of those two will be the next Head of Household. They answer the same for a couple questions until a question about a “robot dance” trips up Wil leaving Frank to win and become the second HoH of the season. Willie was obviously less than happy while Boogie and Frank jump around like teenage girls.
That wasn’t the end of the episode, Julie gathered all the house guests into the living room to let them know another Big Brother twist. The coach who wins the next “coach’s challenge” will get the chance to either save one of their players or they will get the option to trade one of their players to another team.

This week has been entertaining to say the least but with this new twist I’m not even sure what could happen. Which coach will win? Who will they trade if they do? There are so many questions that have to wait until Sunday.

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