Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 6

Coaches are Still in Charge

In the opening theme music for this episode, I noticed, that when they showed the pictures of the house guests instead of having a black and white picture of Willie they had a clip of him being kicked out of the house. I thought that was great. Even though he is no longer in the house Willie gets a lot of air time this episode, everybody is talking about him. Some of the house guests try and explain what happened during the fight, with Ian saying that he want to break them up but was in a towel and extremely scared.

Is it just me or is Janelle playing everyone really well? She has been in the HoH room for almost the two first weeks but none of her players have ever been HoH. She’s playing Boogie so well that he tells her his plan. He wants to put up JoJo and one of his own team, so that Shane cannot play in the veto competition, in order to backdoor Shane out of the house. Frank doesn’t seem to ok with putting up someone from his team as a pawn.

This episode has the nominations, the veto competition and the veto ceremony so they decided to move pretty quickly over the nominations. Frank decided to nominate the easiest choices in Willie’s alliance of JoJo and Shane. The fact that both Britney’s players get nominated makes her feel embarrassed and disappointed in Willie for putting their team in this position. Britney tells JoJo and Shane that they need to re-integrate themselves into the house after what has transpired. JoJo is super pisssed and might pull a Willie because no one hugged her or Shane after they were nominated. Not hugging someone after they’ve been nominated in the Big Brother house is like walking right by someone after they’ve said hello and tried to shake your hand.

The players for the Veto competition are Frank, JoJo, Shane, Ian, Wil and Ashley. This looks like it will be an easy win for Shane, Frank, or Ian. Frank also makes Joe the host fro the competition, which is awesome for him because now he has an excuse to be extremely loud and obnoxious.

We take a break from the game to learn about Ashley’s ideal man. While describing him she lists off everything that he is going to need to like including, eating food and sleeping (I don’t think she said breathing but I’m sure she wants someone who likes breathing). Ashley needs a man who literally likes everything.

The competition for the Veto is a memory/chip dipping/fiesta contest. All the competitors were dressed in nacho chip costumes. The goal of the game was to find menu items in the kiddie pools filled with cheese, salsa and guacamole. Then they have to take the menu items and recreate the master menu, when their done they ring their bell. The contestant with the most items correct in the least amount of time wins.

Ian thinks he has this game in the bag seeing as how he “practically has a photographic memory.”  The competition is pretty close but Shane rings his bell first. Ian finishes second and then JoJo, Frank, Wil. Ashley takes her time so that she can make sure she has them all right. After she finishes Joe yells out the result. Everyone but Ashley got all the menu items right, the one who finished fastest and the winner of the Golden power of Veto ends up being Shane. He celebrates his win by jumping into the pool of guacamole. Britney is so excited she jumps into the pool with Shane. (Maybe a little too excited Britney?)

As soon as the competition is over Shane goes to see Boogie and Frank in order to make a deal. Boogie and Frank see Shane as an asset so they are very open to aligning with him. Boogie even says that “I’m presently treating Shane like that wounded animal you find in the woods that’s got its leg caught in a bear trap. You pick up that animal, you walk it back to your cabin and you nurse it back to health. And then you know what you have? A very loyal pet.”  Shane leaves the Head of Household room by thanking Boogie for the opportunity to talk with him. Shane is not a leader in this game, if he was he could win the whole thing but instead he is a follower and will be used by Boogie and Frank to further them along in the game.

Danielle knows that she is going up after Shane won the power of Veto. Dan tries to pull a coaching tactic where he tells her she’s on her own and has to do it herself because he can’t help her. I’ve coached both guys and girls before and I know for a fact most women do not do well with the abandoning tactic. And most of the time men only get it when they are on a team because when you “abandon them” (that’s such a harsh way to describe it but you basically leave them to do it on their own) they have a group of people to help support them. Needless to say when Dan decides to play this card with Danielle she is completely alone and breaks down. 

Side Note: I have a feeling that once a coach loses all their players they will re enter the game. I don’t know if they will play for another coach or if they will play without a coach. This is just a theory and by no means is based in any truth.

Shane with a last minute play to Frank, after seeing Danielle crying, to try and get him to put up Wil in his place instead of Danielle. Frank tells Shane that he’ll think about it but Frank doesn’t want to step on any ones toes except for the people who tried to get him out last week. He doesn’t want to make more enemies. During Shane and Franks private discussion I swear Frank was trying to impersonate Matthew McConaughey.

At the Veto ceremony Shane obviously takes himself off the block which means Frank has to replace his nominee. Frank does not surprise anyone by putting Danielle on the block, he keeps his speech short and doesn’t really explain his decision only apologizing to Danielle.

Tomorrow either Danielle or JoJo are going home, eliminating Dan or crippling Britney with only one player left in the game. After this week it will start to get tough to stay under the radar with Boogie and Janelle’s team realizing that the coaches with one player left could be their swing vote when they go after the other team. Something is about to hit the fan and for right now the coaches are still the ones throwing it.

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