Saturday, July 21, 2012

AJ Ranks Vol.4: Call Me Maybe Parody Videos

Call Me Maybe Parody Videos

Not all of these video's are parodies. Some of them are lip dubs, some are pretty girls dancing around and one is actually just a dog barking a crucial moments of the song. Here, without further a do is my list of top ten Carly Rae Jespen video parodies.

10. Call me Corgi

I don't know how these domesticated animals are making all these videos lately but it's definitely scary. Isn't that how the apes took over the world in Planet of the Apes?

9. Staples Center Team 

This is basically all the people that work at the Staples Center making a video for Call Me Maybe. Don't they have jobs to do.

8. Miss Universe Maybe

Brought to you by Donald Trump, this lip dub video has a lot good looking ladies and was going to make this list whether I liked it or not. Speaking of good looking women...

7. Miami Dolphin Cheerleaders

I don't know whose bright idea this was, but I would really like to thank them.

6. Lock Haven's Women Lacrosse Team

This video is higher then the two professional model video's because these girls were funny. They danced like they were crazy and always looked like they were having the most fun.

5. Harvard Baseball Team

These guys started a fad in which groups of college kids on sporting trips or just trips in general decide to make videos in their vans or buses of them singing and dancing to hilarious songs. These guys are the originators.

4. Share it Maybe

I posted this video the other day and it will never get old.

3. Key of Awesome

If you are ever looking for a parody of a popular song, look no further than the Key of Awesome YouTube page. They have everything.

2. Dirty Maybe

This is TimotheyDeLaGhetto with a NSFW parody of the Call me Maybe song. If you don't like toilet humor you won't like this.

1. Star Wars Maybe

A super fan (of Call me Maybe? or Star Wars?) put together this hilarious video of actual dialogue for the Star Wars movie so that it sounded like they were singing Carly Rae Jespen. This is classic.

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