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Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 2

When Willie Ruled!

When I wrote my first Big Brother Blog post, I predicted that Frank had a very good chance at winning this installment of Big Brother. He has personality, he’s a humble enough looking guy; at the same time he is an athlete. He should easily be able to get through this game if he found a strong alliance which with his charm shouldn’t be that hard. After this week’s episode and his lack of effort to position himself securely in the house has me rethinking my prediction all together.

This week’s episode started with a seven minute long recap (are you sure it was only 2 minutes?), an introduction into this week’s episode (a new competition?), and an explanation as to why Dan decided to send Jodi home.

Dan said the reason he got rid of Jodi was because “Kara and Danielle get along very well.” Oh, really Dan? It has nothing to do with the fact that Kara is a Playboy Playmate and Danielle is a 23 year old nurse from the south?

Boogie asks Dan if he wants to “Will it up” together. (I refuse to believe Mike Boogie came up with that slogan. Dr. Will had to have thought that up. He was the greatest character ever and would not use Boogie’s name to sum up his or even Boogie’s success in the 2 seasons they were in together.) Dan likes the idea but is hesitant to “Make a deal with the devil.”

The instant Britney sees Boogie and Mike talking she runs to Janelle and tells her they should be in an alliance. I think as soon as soon as Brittney saw Janelle enter the house she planned to align with her.

Janelle likes the idea only because she can use the fact that Brittney doesn’t trust men in this game to manipulate her. (Brittney got betrayed by an alliance of men called “the Brigade” in her season on BB.) Brittney seems to adore Janelle; you can see it when she listens to her talk.

Willie gets his HoH room and every one follows him, with a sort of faked enthusiasm. Once they walk into the suite their fake enthusiasm turns into real shock. This year’s Head of Household room comes with the regular giant bed (that you don’t have to share), goodie basket, and your own little fish tank. The exciting thing for the “coaches” this year is they get their own suite just off of the Head of Household’s.

That night they show Ian, who can’t sleep, walking around the Big Brother house doing some really weird things. He walks around the kitchen making weird faces, and contemplating life out loud. He continues to “explore” the house (in his pink boxers while everyone else is “asleep”) by lying on the ground hiding under one of the couches. He gets out from under the couch and goes back to the kitchen where he walks back and forth flexing like Hulk Hogan. He proceeds to spank himself with his Big Brother key while saying “Grandma’s gonna give me a spanking when I get home.” He continues to walk around the house; all of a sudden he stops, leans over, braces himself on a chair and lets out a big fart.

This behaviour doesn’t surprise me. What surprises me is the fact that this guy claims he is such a huge Big Brother fan and he forgot that the HoH room has a TV that can see every room in the house. I wasn’t the only one who had that thought actually. Willie, Janelle, Britney and Ashley are all in the Head of Household suite watching Dan do all this wacko stuff and has no idea. This leads to more than one house guest voicing their concern about his mental stability. Willie even say’s “this is like the best movie ever.”

Willie admits to his team and to Janelle that his brother is the super villain from Survivor Russell Hantz. No one seems surprised or even concerned, with JoJo even saying in a diary room interview that “it doesn’t affect me, I can deal with the villains.”

Willie wants to bolster the power he has in the house by getting Frank on his side on top of the six person alliance he’s already in. Frank accepts a two week bargain with Willie because Boogie hasn’t talked to him about strategy yet. After making that deal Frank tells Boogie that out of ten he’s a 1 on the “concerned that I’m leaving scale.” He also says that he probably shouldn’t feel like that (Duh).

When Julie Chen’s face pops up on the flat screen TV when you’re not expecting it you know something is up. This time is no different. It’s time for the “coaches” competition. The other twist is that the winning coach get’s to pick one of their players to be safe from being evicted that week. Janelle is pumped she has a chance to keep up her competition legacy and Britney is terrified because as she say’s “I’m just really not good at competitions, I’m not. I’ve got the strength of the six month old.”

J-Chen drops another bomb, telling the house guests that the competition will determine the have-nots for the week.

The “coaches” competition theme is Kentucky Derby (I guess) with the house guests all dressed up like rich people going to watch a horse race in the fifties. The coaches wore suspenders that didn’t hold up their pants but actually held up a horse that they were “riding” I guess.

The competition started with two of the four contestants on opposite sides of a slippery and bumpy “horse track”. The objective was to chase down the other “rider” and rip off their horse’s tail. (I wonder if Peta got involved.) The first two “coaches” to go where Britney and Mike Boogie, they got off to a great start. Britney kept her distance for awhile without actually getting any closer to Mike, then she fell, couldn’t really get back up, and Mike took advantage and caught Britney securing his spot in the final round.

The second heat was Dan against Janelle. Dan admitted to wanting to throw this competition, which I still don’t understand seeing as he has the least amount of players left. (Maybe he wants to look weak? Maybe he forgot that you have to make it to the end to win?) Janelle wins after Dan fakes like he can’t get up a slippery incline for like four minutes. It was embarrassing.

The final heat was Mike Boogie taking on Janelle “the Comp Queen”. (Does she actually call herself that?) This heat was oddly similar to the Boogie’s first round and he won easily.

With the win Boogie got to choose one player to save for the week and he chose Ian. He picked him because Ian has been scaring people in the house with his antics and Boogie is worried he will be nominated. He reacts as anyone would by being completely nervous and looking shell-shocked while leaving Boogie waiting awkwardly for a congratulatory handshake.

The “coaches” then had to each pick one player from each of their teams to be a have-not. Britney chose Shane, Dan picked Danielle (because Kara is a Playboy Playmate), Janelle picked Ashley and because he was just saved for the week Boogie picked Ian to be a have-not.

When the house guests re-enter the house they see the slop in paint containers sitting on the table. Ian automatically has a bowl and Ashley uses a quote from Billy Madison (has anyone on TV ever quoted Billy Madison?) trying to make light of the situation.  Then they go and check out the have-not room and it’s horrible. The walls are painted black and white in a swirling type design. The beds are slanted crescent shapes covered in a layer of sheet metal with rivets cover the sheet metal. Danielle seems like the most unhappy to be a have-not screaming about the bed over and over “It’s so hard!” which got a good laugh out of Janelle.

Dan and Boogie seem a little overconfident and wait until the last minute to start to talk to the other side of the house about strategy. It seems weird that the only two previous winners are the ones sitting back and relaxing the most. Maybe they really know what they are doing.

Willie decides that he wants to pit Dan and boogie against each other by nominating the strongest member of both of their teams. That means that he would have to go back on his deal with Frank but that might not be hard for a Hantz to do.

At the nomination ceremony everyone looks a little nervous not know what Willie is going to do. Ian being safe decided to wear a duck on his head, which isn’t weird at all. Willie ends up keeping his word to his alliance and “coach” and breaking the promise with Frank by nominating him and Kara. He explained his decisions by saying that he hadn’t even talked to Kara and that he and Frank “we were cool at the beginning, then separated. I don’t know what happened, it just got weird.” That whole scene didn’t just surprise me but it “flabbergasted” Frank.

On Wednesday we see what happens after the nomination ceremonie and who wins the Veto competition. Even with Frank on the block this week I have a feeling they will vote Kara out and keep Frank around at least a week longer. (We’ll have to wait until Thursday to see that.)

If you want to know who wins the veto competition before Wednesday check out my BB updatewith spoilers.

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