Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Brother Update (July 20-21) (Big Spoilers)

Long Live Frank

Big things are happening in the house on days when the show doesn’t air. Here are some spoilers to catch you up before tonight’s episode.

July 20

·         Janelle won the coaches competition, choosing to give immunity to Ashley and not trading anyone.

·         After the coaches competition Willie went nuts, slamming things around and telling people he was going to get kicked out of the house before eviction.

·         Have not’s are Willie, Shane, JoJo, and Ian(he volunteered)

·         Willie kicked a door, dropped lots of cursing, threw pork rinds at Janelle, called her a “bitch,” and headbutted and chest bumped Joe in the bathroom. Willie was then called to the diary room and expelled from the game. JoJo even said he was banned from the finale.

·         Frank nominated JoJo and Shane (Britney is down to two players and they are both on the block. Uh oh.)
July 21

·         The Veto players are: Frank, Shane, JoJo, Ian, Ashley, and Wil

·         Shane wins the Veto (second week in a row!)

·         Frank plans on putting Danielle up when Shane uses the Veto (securing Dan’s exit)

·         Janelle, Britney, Ashley, and Danielle all dress up in 80′s style. Wil even breaks out “Craig,” his straight alter ego.

·         Shane and Frank make an alliance to go to the final two (that is a terrifying concept, and they could potentially run the house)

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