Thursday, July 19, 2012

Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 3

Let the Flip-Flopping Begin

Episode 3 starts with a recap of Sunday’s events capped with a black and white nomination ceremony. I have to say the black and white really did have an effect; it made the whole thing more dramatic. Big Brother should think about doing all ceremonies in black and white just to switch things up a little bit.

The reactions to nominations were pretty regular. Kara cried and blamed Dan for her nomination. Dan tries to tell her that she’s on the block because everyone likes her and no one is going to vote her out. What? Dan, you won the game once and you are really trying to lie to your own players face. Kara was put up because the other coaches are trying to weaken Dan and that’s the only reason. If Dan can’t see that I’m worried for him.

 Frank felt betrayed by Willie after they had named some kind of backroom deal. (I don’t think anybody should feel betrayed when they get backstabbed by a Hantz, it’s what they do.) To top all the commotion off when Willie, Wil, Janelle and Britney got into the HoH room Willie started doing a very feminine dance/cheer (that I think was more mocking Wil than anything) that Wil joined along with because I think he just can’t help himself but act over the top every chance he gets.

Willie and Frank get together to talk about why Frank was nominated. Willie’s says it was because he knows that Frank’s coach, Boogie, is gunning for him. Frank tries to diffuse the situation by letting Willie know he’s frustrated and doesn’t want to play Mike Boogie’s game anymore he wants to play his own game.

Janelle and Britney talk, in Britney’s suite, about how they just told their players that they were joining forces and all the players they coach just went along with it blindly. Janelle even says “Britney and I are leading the witch hunt, literally, for Dan and Boogie. It’s Hilarious.” Even Dan is starting to come to the realization that “Team Blonde” is coming after him and Boogie.

Ian decides to show the house guests a useless talent of his, so that he can entertain and maybe get some of them back onto his side. His talent ends up being that he can kick him in the face. The more and more I learn about Ian the more and more everything starts to make sense.

The house guests that will play in the Veto competition are chosen. The six Veto players were Willie, Frank, Kara, Danielle, Wil and Shane. This is the worst case scenario for Frank because everyone playing against him would like to either take Kara off the block or keep the nominations the same. Willie also gets to choose the host for the Veto comp and he picks JoJo.

Shane is kind of a creeper, when Kara comes to talk to him about if he wins the Veto maybe taking her off the block. He goes and has a talk with her only for us to see his diary room interview where he says “With Kara being so cute, you know, if she wants to come talk to me absolutely. Especially if we’re alone in the room, you never know what can happen.” He ends up telling her that he wants to keep her but he doesn’t want to step on Willie’s toes. After his conversation with Kara Shane realizes that he can go around the house making deals with anyone he wants. It’s like watching a new born deer try to learn to walk.

Before the Veto competition Boogie goes to talk to Britney for the first time this season. They have been in the house for 6 days already but I guess Boogie didn’t see the need before. He tells Britney that if by some chance that one of the nominated house guests come off the block and the replacement is from his team, he will know what kind of game he is playing. Mike is pretty much trying to threaten Britney into putting up Janelle’s team members if a replacement is needed. Britney doesn’t like being threatened and she runs to Janelle and tells her everything that just happened. Janelle in disgust says “That’s how Boogie plays this game, he loves to intimidate women.”

After trying to intimidate Britney, Mike Boogie goes to Janelle and tries to sell her on the fact that getting Dan out is an easy to up their odds of winning. Too bad Dan is supposed to be his ally in this game and Janelle goes right to Dan and tells him what Boogie said. You know Dan is angry about the whole situation because he calls himself a renegade.

Danielle and JoJo take a break from the rigours of being on reality TV for the summer and teach each other how to say some words in their respective accents. Danielle is totally confused about how to say coffee in an over exaggerated Brooklyn housewife type of accent and repeats it over and over again in the diary room. On the other hand JoJo has no idea she’s doing Danielle’s southern accent wrong but still laughs like crazy every time she tries.

It’s time for the Veto competition. It’s a giant laundry mat complete with a row of faux washing machines. The washers separate one side of a mat filled with bubbles, debris and coins that the contestants will have to find and take back to the other side of the washing machines and throw into a giant vending machine. They have to collect $1.30 in exact change in order to win the power of Veto.

The competition starts out pretty slow with everyone missing their first few throws. Kara is the first competitor to get a coin in, she gets a nickel. Shane, looking extra tanned, gets the first quarter to take the lead. Frank ties Shane up at 25 cents and Willie gets his first nickel pretty quickly after but just as quickly Shane moves ahead to 50 cents. Wil and Danielle are having a real hard time in this competition. Dan actually tells Danielle to throw underhand, like all the other contestants, but she continues to throw over hand. Shane moves ahead 10 1 dollar before anyone else gets close. Willie hits a dollar throw to briefly put him ahead with $1.05. Shane is on a roll hitting his fifth quarter in row to get him to $1.25. Then Frank hits a dollar. Now you have Shane with $1.25, Willie with $1.05 and Frank with $1.25. Shane and Willie find there last coins fast with Frank having a lot of trouble. Shane hit $1.30, a second before Willie gets it, to earn the golden power of Veto.

Before they show us the Veto ceremony they spend ten minutes trying to shows us how hard it is for Shane to decide what he is going to do with the Veto. He contemplates using it on Kara because she’s nice and wants her to stay around longer. (Probably because she is a Playboy Playmate) He talked to Frank and then thought to himself, and all of America, that having Frank on his side would be a great asset. Shane also thinks about how using it would affect his alliances and factors in how his team would take him backing out of their plans.

At The Veto ceremony Kara tries to flirt her way off the block by telling Shane that he looks really good today. Frank takes a different approach instead trying to bro his way off the block simply saying “If you take me of the block, appreesh!” What a bro. Shane ends up not using the Veto which sets us up with the possibility of losing either Frank or Kara to eviction Thursday night.

The show ended with Dan and Mike throwing a couple insults each other’s way in their own separate diary room interviews.

Dan said “Mike Boogie has proven himself to be very, very untrustworthy. And know that it’s one of my players, Kara, left on the block versus one of Mike Boogie’s players in Frank. I got to do whatever it takes to throw the 42 year old, second rate chill town member under the bus so Kara can stay in this game.”

After one of Boogie’s long winded diary room speeches he finished with this quip “Last time I checked, Mike Boogie won Big Brother All Stars while Dan was beating a bunch of amateurs. Stay tuned folks, cause I’m pretty sure pretty little Kara’s gonna be sashaying out that door on Thursday.”

I can’t wait to see how Dan versus Boogie will play out and just who is going to go home. If my prediction of Frank winning the whole game is to come true I need Kara to go home this week. There are a lot of things that could go wrong for Frank let’s just hope they don’t.

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