Saturday, July 14, 2012

Big Brother Update (Spoilers)

Big Brother Update

Some people enjoy knowing what’s going on in the Big Brother but don’t have the time or the money to sit and watch the live feeds for hours on end. That’s where I come in, I’ve scoured the internet to give you a quick recap of what is going on in the Big Brother house when you are busy living your life. (Spoilers follow.)

·         Boogie won the first Mentor competition, which gave him the power to make one of his competitors immune from nomination. (He picked Ian.)

·         Willie as HoH nominated Kara and Frank.

·         Britney and Janelle have (kind of) joined forces, which leaves Dan and Boogie to work together. (Dan has told people he is not in an alliance with Boogie.)

·         The first have-nots were picked by their coaches. (Ian, Shane, Ashley and Danielle were the lucky house guests.)

·         Ashley has been removed (temporarily?) from the house to see a doctor due to major back issues.

·         Both Brittney and Janelle both want Kara out, in order to further damage Dan’s chances at winning.

·         Frank, Kara, Danielle, Ashley, Wil, Shane, and Willie played in the Veto competition. JoJo was the host.

·         Shane won the Golden Power of Veto

It looks like Brittney’s team has all the momentum right now. If they can keep up this strong of a run they could be very hard to beat.

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