Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Big Brother Update (July 15-17) (Spoilers)

Willie vs. Frank Round 1

This season has a whole lot of game being played within this first week. Everybody is on the edge of their seat, except Joe. Joe is being his loud, obnoxious self while he runs around the house starting fires. (Not real fires obviously, that would be dangerous.)

July 15

·         Dan asks Shane to use the Veto on Kara. (“She’s a Playboy Playmate” he probably said.)
·         Kara thinks America’s Player will be Ian. Boogie does not think there will be an America’s Player this season.
·         Shane does not use the Veto.
·         Ian asks Ashley on a date.
·         Janelle wants the votes to be tied so Willie will have to make the tie braking vote.
·         Team Britney and Team Janelle say they will stick together until the other two teams are out.
·         The house is doing more flip flopping about who they want to evict then a fish trying to get back into the water.
·         Ian and Ashley have their date. Ian mostly talks game and tries to get info out of her. After the date he says that if he was HoH she would be safe.

July 16

·         It’s Mike Boogie’s birthday! (Woooo!) The entire house sang him “For he’s a jolly good fellow”, Dan even asks the audience to come throw sushi over the wall for Boogie’s birthday. The production company quickly brings them sushi, because they knew some crazy fan would end up throwing sushi over the wall.
·         Ian doesn’t like the Glass House.
·         The house is flip flopping more about who they want to go home more than an ADHD 12 year old in gymnastics.
·         Joe tries to make a final two deal with Willie, but Willie does not agree. Willie then goes and makes a final two deal with Ashley. (Willie has deals, on deal, on deal.)
·         Joe starts causing trouble by telling Janelle he saw Willie with Shane, Boogie and Frank.
·         Janelle doesn’t trust Willie comparing him to his brother.
·         Britney tells Willie that there is a chance the Big Brother “coaches” will have a chance to re-enter the game based on a sentence in her contract stating that stipulations can change at any time. And that she feels like Janelle has already played her.

July 17

·         Willie tells Boogie that Britney thinks the coaches will come into the game at some point. Britney is not too happy with Willie, hoping she isn’t getting played like her original season.
·         Joe tells Janelle that Willie plans on going against the coaches by getting the newbies together.
·         A house meeting is called and the newbies let the coaches know that they want to play their own game and not the one that the coaches tell them to play.
·         Janelle tells Joe that her contract states that she can only compete for the $100,000.
·         Britney is starting to believe Janelle is no longer with her but instead is working with Dan. Although Janelle does tell Britney that she is not working with Dan and that she hates Boogie.
·         Joe continues to get people riled up by telling Frank that the plan is for the house guests to tie the vote and have Willie vote to evict him with the tie breaker. Frank no longer trusts Willie and says that he will target Willie and Shane next week if he wins head of household.
·         Willie tells Britney that he received a computer and a camera from production so he could write the HoH Blog. Willie gives house guests all a chance to play with the camera.
·         Willie talks with Jenn, Shane, Frank and Ian to make sure they were all voting to evict Kara.
·         Wil is crying because Frank had told him that Willie made a gay slur while talking about him. (Which is technically not true Willie just impersonated Wil by waving his hands and raising voice while he spoke.)
·         When Willie heard this he lost it and said “I’ll knock a N---- out!” in regards to Frank. It’s probably not the best Idea to follow up your defense of a homophobic slur by using a racially motivated slur.
·         Frank and Willie have the season’s first “fight” in the back yard as they yell at each other about there lies. Willie calls Frank a “shady motherf-----“ and a “piece of s---.” Boogie joins in the fight to call Willie a Bully.

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