Sunday, July 29, 2012

Big Brother Update (July 27-28) (Spoilers)

Can Shane Play the Game?

Shane has taken power as the Head of Household and now he has to play a game without team members and one of the worst possible coaches you could have. Let’s see how things have gone for him since the last episode.

July 27

·         Joe, trying to get on his good side, cooks Shane breakfast.
·         Shane is telling the house that he will nominate Frank and Joe.
·         Janelle wins the coaches challenge.
·         Janelle gives immunity to Wil. (He needs it!)
·         The have not’s are Joe and Ian
·         Shane nominates Joe and Ashley.
·         Janelle doesn’t like that very much; she even tells her team she wishes she could nominate Frank and Shane.
·         Danielle is flirting hard with Shane. Shane seems disinterested.
·         Janelle plans on her team winning the Veto in order to make Shane change the nominations.

July 28

·         Shane wins the Veto (Third straight week! This guy is a beast.)
·         Half the house has a designated Big Brother Sushi Party in the backyard.
·         The other half has an “underwear” party in the house.
·         Ian and Wil end up streaking. (Really? Ian keep your clothes on.)
·         Danielle and Shane kiss. (OMG)
·         Shane says that Joe is going home this week. 

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