Wednesday, July 18, 2012

AJ Ranks Vol. 3: Gotye Parodies

AJ Ranks

With all the parodies to Gotye popping up on the internet I figured why not take a few minutes, watch a couple of the videos I haven’t seen and then rank them. In order of the least funny to the well-this-is-funnier-than-the-others, Gotye parodies.

10. Some Justice That I Used To Know

This song isn’t very funny. At least she is making a statement, I think...

9. The Kobe That We Used To Know

If it fits the category and is a dis of kobe it will make it on my list. Even if just barely.

8. Some Study That I Used To Know

Ha. A joke about forgetting all the stuff you learned in college, that’s clever. I definitely laughed out loud when they panned out at the end.

7. Gotye Dog Parody

Come on, these dogs are barking along to the song. Then the cat comes in. This is complete and utter genius.

6. Canuck Playoff Song

This is sad because it was posted 4 days before the number Canucks were eliminated from the playoffs by the number 8 seed Los Angeles Kings. Good effort guys.

5. Jeremy Lin That I Used To Know

A super Knicks fan is super sad that Jeremy Lin signed with the Rockets.

4. The Star Wars That I Used To Know

That George Lucas impersonator is spot on, way to go guys who made this. If you’re a die hard Star Wars fan you’ll love this, and if you haven’t seen star wars you might enjoy watching a fat, naked guy hitting notes Britney Spears wishes she could hit.

3. Somebody That I Used To Know (Key of Awesome)

A parody of a parody, The Key of Awesome is a YouTube channel that makes parodies of all sorts of videos. This one for example is a parody of fellow YouTubers Walk off the Earth doing a five-man one-guitar cover of Gotye’s hit.

2. Some QB That We Used To Know

Not only the best put together video of the bunch, it had the best singes too. The concept is two football fans, one from Indianapolis and one from Denver sing about losing their respective QB’s this offseason. My favorite line from the Bronco’s fan was about Tebow. The lady fan sings “I’ll admit that you are good in red zones, but your throwing sucks and you’re a bit of a fumbler.”

1. Somebody Who Used To Be My Bro

Two bro’s can’t recollect what they did the night before. The only evidence they have is all the drawings that their bro’s did on them when they were passed out (Mustaches, a bra, and multiple penises.) the pain in their mouth and penis collectively. This video is by far the funniest of the group but definitely not safe for work.

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