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Big Brother 14 Recap: Episode 7

Dr. Will and the Twist We've All Been Waiting For


It is the second eviction week in the Big Brother house (if you don’t count Jodi, and who really does?) and the house doesn’t seem divided at all. You have six players aligned under two coaches who are running the game without evening breaking a sweat.

This episode starts after the veto competition and Danielle has just been put up. She is still under the impression that Dan has abandoned her and she is having a hard time being alone in the game. Dan tries to smooth things over, realizing his plan has backfired, by explaining what he was trying to do when he told her she had to do it on her own. She forgives him pretty easily saying “I know he has a good heart and had good intentions.”

JoJo and Shane do some pre bedtime flirting in the have not room while Ian tries to sleep. Although I think JoJo and Shane are only being half serious when they joke about making out and their thongs, Ian believes that they are actually flirting and about to go to town on each other with him in the room. Ian even refers to what’s going on by saying that “Shane is trying to board the Staten Island Ferry.”

The next day Danielle asks Ian about what they were talking in about in the have not room and he told her that JoJo was joking about climbing onto Shane (I don’t remember that, but I wasn’t there). Danielle doesn’t like the idea of JoJo flirting with Shane saying “last I remember Shane is interested in me.” Really Danielle you just met the guy?

Danielle, Ashley and Janelle talk about their ideal man, Ashley says she needs a big guy saying that she would “crush [Shane] in bed.” She goes on to say that Shane is “becoming emancipated” which she explains to Danielle as meaning “you’re so skinny you start to get introverted. This Ashley girl is my hero. And I think she meant emaciated, which you think the nurse would correct her about.

All of a sudden Danielle brings up the misinformation that Ian told her, to Janelle and Ashley, skewing it even more. She tells them they wanted to get on top of each other last night. Danielle keeps going on about how Shane has chosen JoJo over her and how she lost to Staten Island. I don’t know if she is just saying all this to try and get Janelle’s vote or she actually believes it but it just seems really strange.

Britney tries to talk sense into JoJo. She tries to get her to play the game a little better but JoJo just keeps replying “I know, no, I know.” Britney decides to take it upon herself to keep JoJo in the game, so she goes to talk to Boogie. Boogie controls all of the power right now and could definitely change the game by aligning with Britney over Janelle, but he seems hesitant.

Julie comes back from commercial to talk to the house guests. She asks Joe about the whole incident with Willie, Joe says he just wanted to tell Willie “if you can’t take the heat stay out of the kitchen.” What was that Joe I didn’t hear you maybe you could yell louder next time. She asks Ian about it as well and he says that his experience as a R.A. at Tulane helped him deal with the situation. I bet Ian ran away in nothing but a towel a lot at Tulane.

Dr. Will is on today’s episode! I’m so excited that I can’t even recap that part properly, so here a few quick points from Dr. Will’s interview.

·         He thinks Boogie is playing phenomenal.
·         Boogie’s downside would be his big ego.
·         Chill Town stabs you in the front
·         “[Boogie] is coaching Frank to be his new Frankenstein.”
·         The other coach’s play is lackluster.
·         “If Kermit the frog and Ryan Seacrest had a baby, that baby would be Dan”
·         “Dan’s eyes got pulled in the gravitational force of boobies.”
·         “[Britney] you got to put your coach hat on.”
·         Janelle is a phenomenal competitor
·         “If [Janelle] loses, however, she will just be a three time loser.”
·         He thinks Ian will win because Boogie is just a forty year old Ian.

It’s time for the live eviction, J-Chen talks to Frank telling him she likes his shirt only to have this back and forth:

Frank: Are you my home girl Julie?
Julie Chen: Are you my home skillet?
Frank: Absolutely!
Julie Chen: Good, then we’re on!

Yes, Julie Chen you are on.

When Julie asks the nominees to give their speech letting the others know why they should stay in the house JoJo goes first. JoJo is still trying to play off as if she is loyal, she tells the house guest they are making a mistake voting her out and that a lot of the people in the house are afraid to make big moves, but she isn’t. Danielle on the other hand keeps her speech real short and sweet telling everyone that she loves them and loves the times hse has had in the house. I think we know who is going home.

With a count of five to one JoJo is sent home (Shane is the only vote to keep JoJo). When she sits with Julie Chen for her farewell interview Julie asks her something I’ve been curious for the last week. “We heard you say, in the house this week several times, that you deserve to be in the house more than Danielle. Why did you believe that?” JoJo starts off rambling as she usually does only to give off a decent answer for once stating the fact that she was the only girl that constantly competed in the competitions. I don’t really believe her but she also gave her first succinct answer, so I’ll let it go. On her video clip of farewells Shane doesn’t disappoint for a second week saying that their make out talks left him with some good dreams, then he laughed and put on a creepy smile. Oh Shane.

Back in the house it’s time for the HoH competition. The competition this week is one where you have to use a hockey stick to hit a puck around a couple obstacles to get it in a numbered section. The highest number score at the end wins the competition. The competition starts with Ashley hitting a four, then Joe takes an hour to make his shot prompting Julie to tell him that we need to hurry this up. Joe gets three. Jenn gets a score of zero, Ian gets nine and Wil gets a lowly two. Then comes Shane, who is Britney’s last player and needs HoH for his safety. He get’s twenty and after Danielle gets a zero Shane is crowned the new HoH, and without and thought Britney leaps into Shane’s arms in celebration. Britney your celebrating antics are not helping you.

That’s not the end of the show though, Julie Chen is back to tell America that they have a chance to change the game for good. Britney’s suspicions are coming true if America so decides. America’s vote this week is whether or not to give the coaches the opportunity to get in the game and play for $500,000 grand prize. We will learn the results next Thursday on eviction night, until then we wait and watch to see who Shane will nominate and what will happen with the Golden Power of Veto.

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