Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Big Brother Update (July 22-24) (Spoilers)

Life without Willie

Since Willie was expelled, the house seems to have taken their foot of the gas pedal. Things in the house have calmed down and the game play has taking a back seat to making predictions about the next twist of the season.

July 22

·         Joe thinks the players will be redistributed amongst the coaches.
·         Boogie believes that the next coach’s competition winner will get to bring back an eliminated player. (I would think that would be between Kara and Jodi seeing as how Willie was expelled.)
·         Britney still thinks the coaches will enter the game at some point.
·         House guests find a bocce ball game in the back yard after a lockdown.
·         Ashley and JoJo talk about a possible alliance.
·         Britney claims the Big Brother production did not intervene with the Willie/Joe fight until after the fourth head butt.
·         Shane wants Frank to nominate Wil after he removes himself from the block with the Veto.

July 23

·         Boogie and Frank think Shane is an asset.
·         Shane removes himself from the block with the Golden Power of Veto.
·         Frank nominates Danielle in Shane’s place.
·         JoJo and Shane discuss that if someone doesn’t come back into the game that the next person eliminated will be the first member of the jury.
·         Joe thinks it would be a good idea to eliminate Dan from the competition by evicting Danielle this week.
·         Frank likes the idea of two coaches being limited to one player each, which means he leaning to voting JoJo out.
·         JoJo wishes that Rachel was her coach instead of Britney.
·         Ashley, JoJo and Shane make plans to bring Ian into an alliance with them. Shane wants Ashley to get Ian to nominate Joe, Wil or Jen if he wins HoH next week. (Shane, Ian would need to win HoH for that to happen. You really think he can? Come, on.)

July 24

·         Frank and the rest of the house take pictures with his HoH camera.
·         JoJo puts makeup on Shane. (Not surprising.)
·         The house guests find alcohol in the storage room.
·         Britney, Ashley and Danielle all get in the HoH bathtub with their drinks.
·         JoJo tries to buy Joes vote with cigarettes.
·         Janelle isn’t sure if she should knocked Dan out of the game or get her team to vote out JoJo making Britney take the hit.

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