Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big Brother: The Twists (Spoilers)

Big Brother: The Twists (Spoilers)

A new season means a whole bunch of new-ish twists.

This summer’s edition of Big Brother is changing up the game by adding a game within a game (Or is it a game beside a game?). They have the “most” house guests in history and it looks like they changed up the house again.

The “Most” House Guests

CBS put out a statement saying that this season would have the most contestants the show has ever had. Before this season the most houseguest on one season was on season 9 when they had 15 participants. (Someone quit before the production, which means in reality there were actually 16 contestants, but we don’t deal in reality when we talk about reality TV.) This year there are 12 new contestants coming. Which if you know your math is not more than 15. So how is that the lasgest cast you ask? Well actually CBS is bringing four former houseguests to be mentors to the 12 other cast mates, which makes the total of people in the house 16.

The House

It looks like there will only be two rooms one on the main floor that looks to have 11 or 12 beds in it. Then it looks like another 4 (mentors) will be living up stairs. The living room, dining room and kitchen is a very open space with the staple big Big Brother doors to their backyard. The backyard looks like it was upgraded tenfold; the whole place just feels more elegant. Even the bathroom has a Victorian era kind of feel to it.

The Mentors

What will the mentors do? Are they playing against the other contestants? Do they get special privileges in the house? Can they make the newbie’s their slaves and use them as ottomans? The answers are, they will be choosing teams out of the 12 contestants and will probably have to help them in the challenges. They will be playing a parallel game to the other players and I do not believe the games will affect each other in the end. I don’t know, and why would you ask that? What kind of person are you?
Rumours have been flying around about who the mentors will be. As of this week the rumours have been verified and for the 14th season of Big Brother here are the four mentors and some random stats.

Janelle Pierzina (BB6 - BB All Stars)

·         Holds the record for the most veto competitions won (7)
·         Is second for most competitions won (9)
·         Finished 3rd on BB6
HoH wins: 2
Veto wins: 2
Times nominated: 4
·         Finished 3rd on BB All Stars
HoH wins: 4
Veto wins: 5
Times nominated: 1

Dan Gheesling (BB10)

·         Winner of BB10
HoH wins: 3
Veto wins: 2
Times nominated: 0
·         First and only player to ever win with a unanimous vote.

Mike “Boogie” Malin (BB2 - BB All Stars)

·         Finished 8th  on BB2
HoH wins: 1
Veto wins: (Before they existed)
Times nominated: 1
·         Finished 1st  on BB All Stars
HoH wins: 4
Veto wins: 4
Times nominated: 4

Britney Haynes (BB12)

·         Finished 4th on BB12
HoH wins: 1
Veto wins: 3
Times nominated: 3
·         Won America’s Favorite Player ($25 000)

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