Friday, July 13, 2012

AJ Ranks

Top Ten Quotes from Episode 1 of Big Brother 14

The first episode of Big Brother did not disappoint. There was scheming and planning. There was even a small controversy within the house about whether Willie was related to a certain Survivor contestant. Besides that there were a whole bunch of memorable quotes. Here in descending order are some of what I thought were the funniest/weirdest quotes of the night.

10. “Ian is kinda my type because he’s wearing glasses and looks a little nerdy.” – Ashley

Really is that all it takes Ashley?

9. “The shit just got real.” – Kara

She said this after the “coaches” had all entered the house and I don’t blame her, cause when I see Mike Boogie I sometimes thing of Mr. Hanky from South Park.

8. “I think he is from up North.” – Willie

Willie said this when asked if he knew he resembled Russell from Survivor. I think if they know Russell they probably know he is from Louisiana, come on Willie.

7. “I think it’s going to be the year of the hair.” – Wil

After meeting Frank, Wil said this in a diary room interview. Which I take as he thinks his hair gives him some sort of Samson like powers. At least he didn’t say it in one of his weird voices.

6. “Jen, she’s got the tattoos and the tongue piercing and she seems like all rocker chick. I’ve never seen anybody really like her in person.” – Danielle

You might need to get out a little more Danielle.

5. “We have five properties, none of them have sold and that’s what’s killing us.” – Shane

No way, not selling the properties is what’s killing you? Duh... Maybe get better at your job before coming on to a reality show. (I don’t really like Shane.)

4. “If there’s a girl who needs a bed to share she can jump in with me.” - Frank

Frank said this creepily after he took one of the only full size beds in the house.

3. “Can’t be a genius without glasses.” – Ian

Is it like a law? Do smart people without glasses get picked on by the ones with glasses?

2. “Wil could be one of the prettiest chicks in the house.” – Joe

Joe you might need to reassess the type of girls you would hit on.

1. “Kara and JoJo are super cute. I wanna turn JoJo into a My Little Pony and the Kara into, this, like Barbie doll and I want to put them in my pocket.” – Ashley

What can I even say about that?

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