Thursday, February 21, 2013

Survivor Power Rankings (Week 2)

Survivor Power Rankings: Episode 2

Brandon's Island

1. Honey Badger a.k.a. Middle Management a.k.a. Brandon (Favorites)

Not only did Brandon go through every emotion possible in what seemed like a couple minutes, he also started to "feel his uncles blood running through him." The thing is although his uncle is known for being a villain  his uncle is not crazy and doesn't threaten to ruin the game for his team. Brandon has the number one spot this week because he easily had the most airtime (he was the focal point for the first five minutes of the show) and he deserved it with all his crazy antics.

2. Laura (Fans)

Laura's outing of Reynolds having the immunity idol was spectacular and besides her role in her alliance is the main reason she is number two this week. She is one of the women on the fans team with the most pull. Her alliance with Sherri, Shamar, Julia, Matt and Michael have the numbers and unless one of them steps in it (Shamar), they will be able to knock all the "cool kids" out of their tribe.

3. Reynolds (Fans)

Who didn't think that when Reynolds caught up to Malcolm in the Immunity Challenge that we weren't seeing a repeat of last week. Reynolds is so good I just expected him to go 3 for 3 in the ring toss game and win it a second week for the fans. He didn't, but instead of going back to camp and wallowing (or trying to find out who had the votes for that matter) he sets out to find the hidden immunity idol and within what seems like less then half an hour he finds it in a whole in a tree. His expertise in finding the idol isn't the only reason he is still this high in the Power Rankings, the other is the fact that he played everyone at tribal council. After being called out for having a bulge in his pants, he pulls out the Idol and tells everyone that he will play it tonight and it will be over. Then when Jeff asks if anyone would like to play their Idol he slid it back into his pocket! Dude is a gamer.

4. Sherri (Fans)

She is one of the mastermind of the Fans six person alliance, she calmed Shamar down, and she convinced Matt and Micheal (who I may start referring to as M&M) to side with them and not the "cool kids." At the end of the day the old lady seems to be in charge of that tribe.

5. Phillip (Favorites)

Phillip was the Favorite who got the last point in the Immunity Challenge winning it for his team. When the tribe got back to camp he and Brenda had a nice dance to celebrate and all was well. Oh, did I forget to mention he solidified his alliance by giving it and the members all nicknames. He did!

6. Shamar (Fans)

The loud mouth. Got really upset after the challenged when Reynolds, well... challenged him. Shamar was a big part of the reason Allie went home and he was a big part of the reason that they were even close in the immunity challenge but since all he does at camp is lay around in the shade he is starting to ruffle some feathers. Imagine if he conducted himself at camp like he did at tribal he would be the nicest, most well spoken person on this island.

7. Brenda (Favorites)

Not only did she have a nice dance with Phillip after winning the challenge but she was a main reason the won that challenge. Her, Andrea and Eric started the challenge and ended up giving the Favorites a distinc lead. Plus all the faces she made, come on.

8. Stealth R Us Inc

Phillip created a spy organization on his last season and felt like it was a good idea to bring it back this season. Not only that but he gave every one in Stealth R Us Inc (his alliance) a nickname. He is The Specialist, Cochrane is the Intelligence Attache, Malcolm is the Enforcer, Andrea is the Eliminator, Corrine is the Dominatrix and Dawn is True Grit. I wonder if there was a lot of cocaine around when Phillip was a part of the CIA?

9. Next Week on Survivor

Yes, I am giving a spot in the Power Ranking to the clip at the end of the show that tells us what is going to happen on next weeks episode. I did it because next weeks episode looks crazy. Shamar is yelling at everyone and Brandon says something about pissing in the supply of rice. I can't wait.

10. Allie's Farewell Speech

The tenth spot will from here on out be reserved for the eliminated contestant or something they did that was entertaining. Since Allie did absolutely nothing except get in an alliance with too few people because they were all good looking and not make any other friends. So the only thing I can really comment on is her farewell speech (you know the clip on after the clip of whats going to happen next week). And even that clip wasn't that interesting. She claims to have had more game to play and that she had been waiting since she was eleven to be on Survivor. Well, should have tried harder.

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