Sunday, February 17, 2013

T.T.T.TV (Feb. 17)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Walkers, A Race and the NBA All Star Game

1. The Walking Dead (AMC 9/8c)

Fun Fact: Since the start of the show, no character has said the word zombie. So in a show that is all about living in a world overrun by zombies (most likely the world that we also live in where they were always called zombies) not once has the word zombie been uttered. If you ask me, that not the most unrealistic happening on the show right now. The honor would go to the worlds worst character turned into the worlds worst characters ghost. The idea of someone going insane in this world isn't absurd but the way that the show runners have portrayed Rick collapse has been preposterous.

2. The Amazing Race (CBS 8/7c)

The 22nd season kicks off today, and although I love the show I am starting to believe that putting two seasons of the same show on in one calender year is overkill. It feels like the last Amazing Race just ended and with a underdog win like that I'm sure they could have kept the show off the air for a little while without losing viewers. Maybe I'm just upset that the two newest Canadian reality shows didn't select me to be a contestant.

3. NBA All Star Game (TNT/TSN 7/6c)

What better way to celebrate the birthday of the greatest basketball player of all time then by going out getting wasted, losing some money at the tables and then barraging one of your enemies with insults and the fact that you are better then them. You can't do that you say? Well then why not just watch some of the best players playing right now play a whole lot of offense. What about defense, you ask? Well there might be one or two players trying to block a shot once and awhile but on the whole the game will be mostly about dunks, lots and lots of dunks.

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