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Survivor Power Rankings (Week 3)

Survivor Power Rankings Episode 3

Favorites Doing What Favorites Do

1. Malcolm (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)

Not only did he play a big role in the Favorites immunity challenge, he also found the secret individual immunity idol (it was hidden in a hole in a tree). He seems to have conjured up an air of leadership on his team because his whole team responds well to him. He and Reynolds(Fans) are the toughest competitors in challenges and if he isn't up against a balancing challenge (he lost the last season because his big weakness is balance challenges) he should be able to continue to be a front runner.

2. Brandon a.k.a. The Honey Badger (Favorites)
(Last Week: #1)

The Honey Badger was the man who undid the rope to open the underwater door and the guy who hooked the last sliding piece to their track. If you didn;t wathc the episode what I am saying is that The Honey Badger was one of the main reasons his team won immunity. And although the "pee in the rice" comment he made in last weeks "Next Week On" clip was an edited trick, it was still fun to hear how if he was eliminated he would wreak havoc on the camp (but you won't be there anymore Honey Badger).

3. Sherri (Fans)
(Last Week: #4)

As the mastermind of her alliance it looks like it is getting increasingly tough to keep all her plans in order. She has to keep track of who they are voting for and then switch them to vote for who she wants and most of all she has to try and control Shamar, try being the operative word. Somehow she pulled everything together and her alliance voted as she wanted. One question though, if you are going to split the vote in order to flush out the individual immunity idol out, why would you split it between Eddie and  Hope and not make Reynolds actually play the idol? If this wasn't such an uneventful episode, Sherri would not be this high.

4. Laura (Fans)
(Last Week: #2)

Laura was the person who made Reynolds show everybody she had the idol last week and this week she was still playing super aggressive. She earned the fourth spot simply by making Reynolds think she was voting for Shamar and in the end staying with her alliance. Unless she was actually ready to get Shamar out and then just realized they needed the numbers and the distraction to keep the target off her back. Either way, it was pretty good logic.

5. Reynolds (Fans)
(Last Week: #3)

This guy is a Survivor challenge savant. He always seems to be working and he always seems to be the guy for the fans making the big shots at the right time. (He is still the only reason his team one there only challenge.) With all of his challenge prowess you'd hope he'd have the total package and be able to run the social aspect of the game as well, but alas he doesn't have that part of the game. His early alliance of the "cool kids" was not only separating himself from the other members of the tribe but he did it with not enough people to have the vote secured. The only reason that he may be safe for another couple weeks is because his tribe knows they need him to have a chance at winning a challenge.

6. Phillip (Favorites)
(Last Week: #5)

The only reason I give Phillip the sixth spot this week (besides the episode lacking excitement), is because of his whole spiel about how he plays basketball and how he is so fit. I can't do it justice so here it is:

7. Andrea (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)

Not only is Andrea on the side that keeps winning, within her team she has an alliance with the numbers, but she also has the first member of her alliance that she has to stab in the back picked out. She is beautiful and deadly, if she doesn't get over head like her last Survivor experience, she may have a well mapped out plan.

8. Next Week On Survivor
(Last Week: #9)

This clip at the end of every Survivor episode is becoming a mainstay in these Survivor Power Rankings. This week's Next Week clip has what looks like a hurricane and what definitely is rats. And the rats are jumping on them while they sleep!

9. Survivor Fitness
(Last Week: N/A)

Only only did Phillip explain his amazing basketball skill, he also displayed some of his top level fitness by doing some push ups, some rock lifts and a few log curls (he was actually curling a log). He wasn't the only one either, we got to see a quick shot of Brenda doing some rock exercises on the beach all by herself.

10. Hope (Fans)
(Spot Reserved For Eliminated Contestant)

Hope had a huge opportunity to make a move to keep herself in the game and instead of doing that she made an almost as good play to go after Shamar. In the end her attempt was useless and she is on her way home to hang out with all of her other attractive friends and relatives.

No Air Time All Stars

1. Eric

Two weeks in a row now where the only time we see Eric is when someone is telling him something or when he is competing in a competition. I sometimes forget he is still on the island.

2. Dawn

As a part of Stealth R Us Inc you would think she would have had some more air time but no, she had the least amount of air time in her first couple episodes.

3. Tie Brenda and Julia

Like I said earlier Brenda was exercising on the beach but that was the only time we saw her and Julia, the race car driver, was only used to pass on a message from one alliance to another.

Worst of The Week 


Shamar was easily the worst competitor of the week. At the top of the episode he yelled at his tribe for having had his name written down at the eviction ceremony. But instead of just yelling at those who voted for him he decided to yell at the whole tribe even a few of the member of the alliance. After that Sherri tried to calm him down but Shamar seemed to take it as her telling him that he is a target to go home(?) and went into a deep funk that had him thinking about quitting. He, honorably, decided to stay but as soon as they lost the next competition he was back to his old yelling self and telling Eddie and Reynolds that they disgust him and that they should not talk to him anymore. Shamar ended the episode at tribal council explaining to Jeff how everyone lie and distorts what he says to make him look bad. He ended up staying over Hope but I don't think he understands why and could see him going back to camp and starting this all over again.

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