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Big Brother Canada Recap

Big Brother Canada Episode 1 Recap

The Night Canada Met Big Brother
The first night of the Canadian edition of Big Brother aired last night  and even though the first episode lacked a little excitement because everyone is getting to know each other the cast definitely had it's moments. 

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Becoming the first HoH of the season (of the series) is a huge milestone and she can brag about that for the rest of her life. The only thing that makes it look a little silly is that she won the opportunity to nominate two people by answering a phone. Although she didn't necessarily earn it, she did have to nominate two people she had never met before and by doing that put a target on her back. She decided to nominate Tom and Emmet for the sole reason of them being the most fit looking people. She was also the first person to cry this season she now has two first on this edition of Big Brother.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Emmet - The farm boy from the Maritimes kept pretty quiet and didn't try to step on anyone's toes. But by being so fit and nice he automatically had a target on his back and if he doesn't start to play the game early he could be going home early.

Tom - Firefighter from Alberta is nominated next to Emmet because he is also super fit. He seems to have quickly aligned with the boys and if he can sway the house to evict someone besides him and Emmet the alliance will be intact and if he is capable of dominating competitions (it looks like he will be able too) he will be shirtless on TV all 75 days.

Power Of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: Humping Balloons

Participants: Suzzette, Emmet, Tom, Gary, Peter and Aneal

The Power of Veto competition was pretty simple. Use your spike belt to pop balloons, in order to get puzzle pieces and the first one to finish the puzzle is the winner. But the contestants can't use their hands which makes for a lot of balloon humping. Suzette and Tom were ahead of the pack most of the game and in the end Tom won the chance to save himself.

Winner: Tom

Mini-Power Rankings
(A quick rankings of the top players in the house.)

1. Tom - The first winner of the PoV and the only guy that has some sort of alliance or team (with Emmet).

2. Suzette - The first ever Head of Household, she had to nominate two people and probably smartly picked the two most fit looking guys in the house. Even though she already cried, she gets the second spot.

3. Emmet - Not a lot of stuff happened in the first episode and simply for being nominated and playing pretty well in the Veto competition Emmet earns the final spot of the Mini-Power Rankings.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Winning the first HoH by picking up a telephone seems ridiculous.

- The introductions of the players was too long, not only that the first five people had what seemed like 20 minutes all by themselves. Isn't that an advantage?

- Tom lost even more of my respect when he said "I can't stand gay people."

- Arisa Cox did a pretty good job, hopefully she actually interacts with some of the contestants and not just talks at them.

- The editing was all over the place. There were too many quick cuts from Arisa's face to reaction shots over other people shoulders back to Arisa's face in a matter of seconds.

- The quick look we got at the have-not room was disappointing. It didn't look that uncomfortable.

- How much tanning spray/lotion is too much? There is no answer to that question when it comes to Liza.

Prediction Follower
(Checking in on some of my early predictions.)

Suzette - I thought she would be one of the first ones to go and there is still a chance she goes home second but after getting lucky with the HoH she is at least there two weeks.

Emmet - One of my favorites is on the block and has a chance of being the first person to be eliminated.

AJ - AJ was one of my picks to go home first but he has managed to stay under the radar and hasn't ruffled any feathers.

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last Week: B+)
(Grading the cast on a week to week basis.)

I had high hopes for this cast. They haven't let me down but it's tough to give them as high as grade when the first episode has nothing happening. Toms homophobia, Gary's over the top personality and Talla's loud talking doesn't disappoint. I want some conflict but from what I've seen these Canadians are all too nice.

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