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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 2

Big Brother Canada Recap

The First Eviction

After the first lackluster episode, the second wasn't really any better. I believe that if the director held back on the created drama and just let the house guests create their own. I have only watched an hour or two of the live feeds and there seems to be a little more entertaining stuff that they aren't showing.

In Memoriam
(The evicted player is remembered.)

Kat Yee

We hardly knew you Kat. Your aggressive nature is what burried you in the long run (was it really that long?). It wasn't that you started playing too soon it's that you were playing too hard too soon. As soon as Suzette showed that she wasn't interested in her plan you should have backed off and went in another direction. You played hard and went down hard, you probably wont be missed but thanks for being the first person evicted in Big Brother Canada history.

Head of Household
(The HoH competition)

Competition: Lumber Jack and Jill

The first real HoH competition was a endurance competition where the contestants dressed up as lumberjacks and had to climb up on to a three (that had ledges for your feet) and be the last one standing. As for a Canadian challenge it wasn't "that" Canadian. I mean there are lumberjacks all over the world. And is it just me or were the women at a very big disadvantage with the lack of clothes they were wearing? Don't get me wrong I love the sexy outfits but for competitions purposes it didn't really make sense.

(If you want to know the HoH competition winner highlight the space after winner.)
Winner: Jillian

Hand Cuffed
(Reward competition?)

The host guests were given there first reward competition(?). And in order for them to win a night of beers and chips they had to be handcuffed to another player for the whole day. Everyone succeeded and the only really big developmental was that Gary and Tom were paired together and hilarity ensued.

Mini-Power Rankings
(A quick rankings of the top players in the house.)

1. Aneal - The first sabotage of the year was done by Aneal. He took a bunch of Gary's glitter and spread it all over there house. Too bad it didn't work but he gets the first spot because he tried and it was the most entertaining of the episode.

2. Emmet - He didn't go home. That's a big deal.

3. Tom - He has secured a pretty decent alliance and took himself off the block.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts)

- The live show had a lot of time management problems that were way too obvious hopefully after a couple of episodes they figure it out.

- At the start of the show they showed inside the house before showing the Power of Veto ceremony and everyone saw that Kat was the new nominee.

- What was with Liza's hair in her farewell interview to Kat.

- The memories wall is super small and may as well be a plaque.

- I swear Talla is drunk all the time.

- Danielle is super mean and was horrible towards Peter when they were handcuffed together.

Live Feed Thoughts (No Spoilers)
(I only watch the live feed a little but here are some of my thoughts.)

- The contestants drop a lot of F bombs

- A bunch of the guys had to shave their legs as a result of a competition. Peter shaves his whole body every couple of days.

- There is more than just one showmance happening.

- Tom called Talla the butt whisperer.

Prediction Follower
(Checking in on some of my early predictions.)

AJ - He locked himself into what seems like a pretty solid male alliance and won't be one of the first people out.

Tom - Tom and Emmet started a male alliance and secured himself a pretty decent run on the show.

Gary - He hasn't joined an alliance and doesn't seem to have many friends in the house

Suzette - Suzette has dropped under the radar and probably won't be targeted very soon.

Running Cast Grade: B-
(Last Episode: B)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

The manufactured drama is really getting to me. I wish the directors would just let stuff happen on it's own. The cast is super friendly and if there is trouble between the cast members they are keeping it inside and letting it out in the diary room. If that;s the case I can't wait to start seeing more of those interviews.

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