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Survivor Power Rankings (Week 5)

Survivor Power Rankings: Episode 5

The Many Faces of Brandon

1. Reynolds (Fans)
(Last Week: #5)

The Challenge Machine was back to work yesterday, single handily, keeping the Fans in the reward challenge. He didn't miss one throw the whole time. Then, after the challenge, the whole tribe knows they are in trouble so they all started to look for the hidden immunity idol (except Eddie, he slept). And after using the Idol the night before at tribal council Reynolds is the first one to find it again. So six hours after using the first hidden immunity idol Reynolds finds the second one a secures his spot for at least another week.

2. Phillip (Favorites)
(Last Week: #1)

He might be the craziest person to play the game (Brandon is definitely in the discussion) but there is no denying how much he has helped his team this season. He is the oldest and has therefor taken a leadership role on his tribe. I don't know if that was his plan but it is working. Not only that but he is one of the main reasons why the Favorites have only lost one challenge.

3. Malcolm (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)
4. Brenda (Favorites)
(Last Week: #2)
5. Cochrane (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)
6. Corrine (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)

This week there was really only one person that took the spotlight, so that means that these four members of the favorite team all get lumped together. This isn't to say that they didn't do anything this episode  all four of them were the reason the favorites earned a BBQ reward at the first challenge.

7. Happy Brandon (Favorites) a.k.a. Middle Management
(Last Week: #8)

When Brandon is happy, or even just content, he is one of the best players in survivor history. Too bad, he doesn't try it more often. Happy Brandon buried the hatchet with Phillip, he held on as long as he could in the reward challenge and decided to play the game for the money to better his families life. If only Happy Brandon would have showed up more often.

8. Forfeiting Challenges
(Last Week: N/A)

I believe this has happened in one other season and it was for pretty much the same reason. One member of the tribe was becoming detrimental to the other players so the team unanimously decided to forfiet the immunity challenge and go to tribal council. Except this time instead of prolonging the situation Jeff chose to have Tribal on the challenge mat. Everyone except Brandon voted to evict Brandon and that was it for the Honey Badger.

9. Jeff Probst Massage Therapist
(Last Week: N/A)

While Brandon went on a tirade at the immunity challenge/tribal council Jeff Probst had his hands full, literally. He was either trying to calm Brandon down or just make sure that he wasn't going to take off and attack Phillip. All I know is that it looked quiet relaxing.

10. Depressed Brandon (Spot For Reserved For Eliminated Contestant)

Depressed Brandon showed up once this episode and it wasn't after he was sent off it was actually when he told the other players that if they lost he would volunteer to go home. His rational was that he was being selfish leaving his babies at home for so long without there dad. As I understand the logic wouldn't the 30 or so days gone be ok if you came home with a million dollars? Anyways, Depressed Brandon disappeared quickly and didn't show up again all episode.

No Air Times All Star

1. Julia (Fans)

Do you remember Julia? She is the race car driver. Yeah the girl on a team of six who didn't say one word all episode. She's the one that Eric gave the Idol to on the Fans team. Yeah, that's her!

Worst of the Week

Unstable Brandon a.k.a. The Author Of His Own Fate

Unstable Brandon was the most prolific Brandon this episode. He showed up before the tribe even had a chance to throw the immunity challenge  So what did he decide to do, he decided to dump out all there rice and all there beans so they wouldn't have any sort of advantage over the Fans team. He then called out Phillip in front of everyone at the immunity challenge and wouldn't stop until the other members of the favorites spoke up and told Jeff they would be forfeiting in order to go to tribal. Unstable Brandon continued making Dawn and Andrea cry, telling the Fans most of the favorites secrets and then while walking off called Phillip an asshole. He left on his own terms(kind of) and was pretty proud of it. I wonder if there is a competition between the Hantz for who can be the craziest and still be on the most reality TV shows.

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