Sunday, March 10, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (March 10)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Zombies, Vikings and a Whole Bunch of Washed Up Celebrities 

1. The Walking Dead (AMC 9/8c)

Last weeks episode was by far one of my favorites. Not only did Rick find Morgan but he also realized just how crazy he was after comparing himself to Morgan and hopefully from now on he will understand that his visions are just that, visions. From what I can tell from the name of the episode and the clip on YouTube this week's episode looks quiet promising as well. Herschel, Rick and Darryl are out at what looks like a deserted power plant to meet you the one and only Governor. I can't wait to see how he betray's Rick and his people.

2. Vikings (History Channel 10/9c)

The premiere episode introduced us to our main Vikings and also set the table for the possible confrontation between Ragnar and the Earl. This week we see how Ragnar will go about putting his crew together behind the back of the Earl. When will the start plundering, that's what I want to see.

3. Celebrity Apprentice (NBC 9/8c)

This season of Celebrity Apprentice is an All Stars version of Trump's so called "reality" TV show. What that means is, a whole bunch of washed up celebrities that lost their first time on the show. (Brett Michael's was the only returning winner.) After seeing the first episode I can already tell why Trump brought back the people he did (Omarosa and a Deal or No Deal model are celebrities?), because he knew that they would stir up trouble and they didn't disappoint. Even during the pre-competition board room you had Omarosa throwing people under the bus. What will reality TV's biggest villain do this week.

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