Thursday, March 21, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (March 21)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Troy and Abed and Archer and Meredith Grey on a Thursday

1. Archer (FX 10/9c)

This season has had some of the best episodes in the four seasons it's been on the air and last week was easily one of them. This week Lana and Archer are sent to Morocco to extract an agent, little do they know the agent walks on all fours and likes to piss outside, and I'm not talking about Lindsey Lohan. 

2. Community (NBC 8/7c)

Last weeks Changnesia episode was kind of a let down. I wasn't surprised to see that Chang is just fooling everybody and I would be surprised if the guy he was talking to on the phone was the dean of the air conditioning college, John Goodman. This week it looks like the group is trying to help the college land a rich student that if he were to enroll would add a bunch of money to the school. Let's go Greendale!

3. Grey's Anatomy (ABC 9/8c)

Grey's makes its first appearance in the TTTV because of a slow night in the TV world but also because the Jackson is the boss story line is getting good. You have a whole bunch of extremely experienced and talented having to listen to the young upstart. It is a great dynamic. This week we find out if Dr. Shepard can handle a pregnant wife (my guess is yes) and if the baby is a boy, girl or antelope (hoping for antelope). The only thing that could stop this show is if Independence Day aliens came to earth and blew up the hospital.

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