Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

The Season Starts With A Bang

This season we have two new judges and in this space I will look at how the new and old judges do on an episode to episode basis. I'll be ranking the teams based on the coaches on the choices, the tactics they used and the Beiber bribery's.

1. Team Adam

Adam only got one singer to join his team last night but that doesn't matter because he got the easy front runner right now. He convinced Judith Hill to ditch the other three coaches by threatening to light himself on fire if she didn't join him. To Blake's dismay Adam didn't have to light himself on fire and secured the best singer from the first episode.

Best Performance: Judith Hill

2. Team Blake

Blake brought in four singers but two of them where twin country singers that only counted as one. Besides the Morgan twins, he got a 16 year old with a powerful voice and the "Sexy and I Know it" Christian Porter. If Blake could have got Judith Hill on his team he would easily have the number one spot but without Miss Hill Blake gets dropped to two.

Best Performance: Christian Porter

3. Team Usher

Usher tried to bribe one of younger contestants with the prospect of getting free Beiber tickets but that failed and the 16 year old went with Blake instead. He was the only one who turned around for Vedo and seemed to get stuck with the indie rocker Jess Kelner. He hasn't gotten the hang of competiting with Adam and Blake but his small grasp on American geography might be his downfall in the end.

Best Performance: Vedo

4. Team Shakira

Shakira was unlucky in that she was sitting in Cee Lo's old chair and seemed to get beat by the guys for every artist. She did a solo turn for Kris Thomas, the guy who sang the Whitney song and narrowly beat out Usher for Mark Andrews because his "wife wouldn't be able to forgive [him] if [he] didn't pick Shakira. So the only reason she got her second competitor was because the guys wife is a Shakira fan.

Best Performance: Kris Thomas

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