Thursday, March 21, 2013

Survivor Power Rankings (Week 6)

Survivor Power Rankings

A Tribe Switch Changes Everything

Since the game is rolling and people are being sent home left and right, I've decided to knock the Power Rankings down to five spots and I'm getting rid of the No Air Time All Star since each tribe has 7 members and they will all likely get some amount of air time. Now to the Power Rankings.

1. Gota Tribe
(Last Week: N/A)

I have chosen to lump the tribe together not only because they didn't do much individually that would make me think to separate them, but also because they dominated the immunity challenge, are all fit, young adults (except Sherrie), and two of their members have hidden immunity idols. Unless they start throwing competitions to get people out I don't see them losing for a while.

2. Tribe Switch
(Last Week: N/A)

The switching up of tribes is always one of the best part of any Survivor season. Not only does is mess with everyone's plans but if you're lucky like the Gota tribe you end up losing dead weight and gaining able, active bodies. And the smashing egg on yourself is always fun to see.

3. Phillip (Bikal)
(Last Week: #2)

He was easily the best player on his tribe. He was the most active in the immunity challenge going out more than anyone else eevn though he is the oldest competitor. He intimidated Michael and Matt into voting for Julia when the three fans probably could have turned Corrine against Phillip and gotten him out. On top of that he was one of the people who decided to get rid of Matt.

4. Julia (Bikal)
(Last Week: N/A)

Julia has never gotten that amount of air time since the season began. Usually the only you saw her was in the opening credits. This week however she was on the rink of elimination and some how ended up staying. I don't think she did much to stay, it was more like she got extremely lucky that the Favorites didn't decide that the weakest link had to go. So don't worry you have another week, at least, of asking yourself if she's been on the whole season.

5. Matt (Bikal)
(Last Week: N/A)

Matt was a really good sport, in his exit interview, considering he had just been blind sided and will be spending the rest of the season watching from home. The only thing I think Matt will be remembered for is his beard.

Worst of the Week


You have to really be horrible to earn Worst of the Week when the eliminated contestant was some out of it he didn't realize he was going home, and Corrine was exactly that. She was useless in the challenge and continuously said things like "I've always wanted to play with a gay." I mean, come on, who says things like that? That wasn't the only time she said something ridiculous, later she would go on to say "at least the gay is staying." it's one thing to say you like gay people but to refer to them as 'the gays' or 'a gay' is downright disgusting. It's as if you were refering to them as animals with one characteristic. The craziest thing though is that she didn't just leave it in her individual interviews she brought out 'a gay' right in front of Michael at tribal council. Michael probably should have got the #1 spot just for not smacking her in the back of the head.

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