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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 14

Big Brother Canada Recap

Is Suzette Really Gone?

After a lackluster episode where Emmet won the Veto and didn't use it, we got a pretty boring eviction episode. You might have picked the wrong house guests if the only enjoyable part of them being in the house is when they make the nominees have a double date. The date would have been that much better if the booze was flowing.

In Memoriam
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


You stayed way longer then I ever expected you to stay. When you were supposed to go away you didn't. What more can I say about the mother of three who as soon as you noticed there were groups in the house, stopped playing the game. Your tactic was instead to try and make everyone feel bad for you so that they wouldn't vote you out (even though you won't admit it). The fact that you said that you had nothing left to accomplish in the house left me speechless. You didn't win one challenge and the only time you had any power you got it by answering a phone first. Well Suzette I wish you all the best and hope you don't come back when the show inevitably brings back a contestant (more on this later).

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)

Competition: Before or After

The contestants stood on a middle step with a 'before' step behind them and an after step in front. After Arisa gave the players two events they had to decide whether the first thing happened before or after the second thing, by choosing a step.The goal of the game is to be the last person standing.

The first three questions where pretty easy and everyone got them right but the fourth question stumped more then half of the players leaving only AJ, Topaz and Talla. AJ was the next to be eliminated from the game and Talla got the question after that wrong meaning the sleeping beauty is the new HoH.

Winner: Topaz

The Double Date

For some reason Big Brother thought it would be cool to have AJ and Suzette pick two people (that weren't in a showmance) to have dinner with them while the rest of the house guests served them. They picked Peter and Talla to join them which meant Emmet was the maitre d, Alec was the waiter, Jillian and Andrew where the cooks and Topaz and Gary (The Glitter Army) were the entertainment.

This part of the show was extremely hard to watch, especially the diary room interviews with Suzette and AJ. You could tell he didn't want to be there.

WTF: These Bro's
(Things I just can't explain.)

During a couple segments when Arisa was talking you could see two brightly colored bro's over her shoulder. When Suzette is evicted they high five and later on it looks like the one in red is distraught.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Arisa said there was another Chevy Power Shift coming on Sundays show. With how many people have already been evicted I can only imagine that it will be a vote to bring one evicted contestant back on the show. And my only guess' would be Canada will bring back either Tom or Suzette.

- Why is Topaz in the house if she refuses to do anything? All she does is sleep and she's starting to ignore the Big Brother people. Get her off the show.

- If Topaz and Gary (Secret Wedding) aligned with AJ and Andrew (the Old Guys) they could control the house.

- Emmet could have been a lot harsher to Suzette and that he apologized surprised me.

- I don't know if it's because no one wants to say anything that could be turned against them or that they are just boring but during the live shows every bodies answer are lame and extremely short.

Prediction Update
(Checking in on some of my early predictions.)

- Gary is blowing my prediction away. He hasn't aligned with anyone really (unless you count his secret deal with Alec that they both have said is just for show) and he has gotten really far in the game with no ones help.

- I chose AJ and Suzette as the first two people to get evicted and can not express how wrong I was. Suzette just went home and it looks like AJ is flying so far under the radar he could be the pawn every week and no one would vote him out.

- Andrew is still my favorite to win the game (Peter is my second) but he needs to actually win a HoH (on his own) and make a big move.

Running Cast Grade: C+
(Last Episode: C)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

This episode was better than the last but that is not saying very much. There was an orchestrated date,  a IPod and headphones controversy (barely) and an HoH game that let the most boring person left in the house all the power. I am all for bringing someone back if it's Tom just because he will have a grudge but don't expect the show to get anymore exciting if say Danielle or Liza come back (if anyone is coming back that is).

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