Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ranking The Teams

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

If God Was One Of Us He'd Watch The Voice

In this post I will be ranking the teams on an episode to episode basis. I will be taking into consideration the picks, the coaches decision, tactics and who has a pet bird with them.

1. Team Adam

After stealing the best performer of the first episode Adam got two artists this time around. He got the folk duo, Midas Whale, and ended up stealing the best performer of this episode too. Sarah Simmons was the final performer of the episode and belted out 'What if God was one of us?' Add those two to Judith Hill and Adam has the best team early on in this season of the Voice.

Best Performance: Sarah Simmons

2. Team Shakira

After a weak start on the first episode Shakira picked up two artists that have helped move her up in the meaningless rankings. Tawnya Reynolds killed a a country song and chose to go with Shakira while Cathia spoke to her by singing a Spanish song. Shakira is easily building the most unique team of the competition right now.

Best Performance: Cathia

3. Team Blake

Blake didn't actually pick up any artists but he still has one of the strongest teams so far and as long as he has the twins he wont ever be in fourth place.

Best Performance: 

4. Team Usher

Usher only added one member and he was probably the least memorable contestant so far. Josiah Hawley is a bro with a guitar and pairing him with Usher is strange but could be good in the long run. Usher needs to step up his negotiating or he will fall behind Adam and Blake even more and Shakira might end up crushing the other newbie coach.

Best Performance: Josiah Hawley 

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