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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 12

Big Brother Canada Recap

The Shield is in Control

Last week we saw "the two most hated" contestants leave the house in a double eviction episode that wasn't all that surprising. A couple domino moments happened because of that eviction. Emmet was left on with only one true ally in Jillian, Suzette became the easy next pick to be eliminated, Peter and Alec were more exposed than ever and besides Emmet, Gary is now the biggest physical threat in the house.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)

Competition: The Great Urban Adventure

This was a timed competition. Each player was given a list of Canadian monuments that they had to find in a glass maze. The pictures of each monument had corresponding numbers and the goal was to memorize the first number of each monument in order to have a four digit code.Once the player thinks they have the code they must run to a glass box, yell the code out loud and if it is correct the box will turn green. If the box turns green the competitor must remove the car key from the box, unlock the car and honk the horn for their time to stop. Not only did the winner get the HoH but they also received $10,000 and a special Big Brother prize that turned out to be a message from home.

Winner: Alec

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Suzette - Alec told Suzette before the ceremony that she was going up on the block. Suzette is the easy person to go after this week because Alec doesn't have to make any enemies with this pick.

AJ - The pawn of pawns. AJ is probably not going home but the fact that even Jillian said that he is not threatening should start a fire under his ass.

Best Quotes
(Here are some of the best quotes from last nights episode.)

3. Talla - "Fail, epic, all capital letters."

2. Peter - "This was probably her best freak out. I'm happy that I was there to witness it and I hope that she has another one very soon."

1. Andrew - "He's a Pussy."

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Andrew had every right to be upset that Alec gave him the HoH during the double eviction and in hindsight,  Andrew throwing that competition would have been one of the best moves this year.

- I don't know if this says anything about Canada as a whole but the players in the house really love their booze.

- Spin the bottle have shed some light on some of the real personalities of the cast. Andrew will kiss anything, Talla really likes Topaz and AJ is easily the creepiest person in the house.

- Suzette thinks she scares the people in the house because she is a "wildcard." I think she is being targeted because when she leaves no one will want to avenge her.

- Can we forever change the term of pawn to Anuj?

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last Episode: B+)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

Last episode we had Tom being Tom, this episode was a lot calmer. The only real tension in the house was from Andrew. He has a grudge against Alec and hopefully next chance he gets he acts upon it. With the cast dwindling we get closer to the point where everyone in the house are friends. This could be helped if we start getting other people who win the HoH. What will happen if Talla ever wins anything?

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