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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 6

Big Brother Canada Recap

Tom's Reign of Dominance Begins

The sixth episode started off with a bang and ended with a whimper. Not only did we see how easy it was to manipulate Tom but also that his alliance with Emmet isn't as strong as he believes. So as Tom has the power he is still the most threatening person in the house, a scapegoat for his alliance and the ultimate hero character. Plus there was a whole lot of glitter this episode.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


The new HoH room showing is always such a big deal for the house guests. I don't know if production makes them all go up or if it is a choice but it was very surprising to see everyone go up to Tom's HoH room and "see the other side" of Tom. He repeatedly talked about how no one has really seen the softer side of Tom, and I don't know if it was just mean but I swear he was talking about his penis. During the nomination ceremony Tom was extremely well spoken and even after Suzette (the oldest women in the house) was acting like a smug teenager he calmly told everyone what his reasoning was.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Gary - Tom has shown that he isn't homophobic (I might have been the only one who thought that) by becoming closer to Gary then I ever thought he would. Not only that but he seem genuine as he was swearing to Gary that even though he was on the block he was not his target.

Suzette - It's funny to think all Suzette needed to do to stay off everyone's radar was to not blow up after Danielle's eviction and then apologizes to Tom for putting him up the first week. I guess hindsight is 20/20. In the end she is nominated and Tom's main target all because she couldn't act like an adult.

Have/Have Nots
(The Have/Have Not competition decides who will be haves and who will eat slop and sleep in a clown infested, super orange bedroom.)

Competition: Dem Apples


Blue: Gary, Emmet, Andrew, AJ
Red: Peter, Liza, Suzette, Talla
Green: Jillian, Topaz, Alec, Aneal

The house guests had three members of each of the teams on one side of a face with a slingshot and the other team member was on the opposite side of the wall wearing a bucket. The first two teams to shoot ten apples from one side of the fence into their team mates bucket on the other side of the fence would be the Haves for the week and the losing team would be the Have Not's and only be allowed to eat slop for the whole week. (As a special viewers choice prize the Have Not's also get Beaver Tails and Poutine to eat this week.)

Have Nots: Jillian, Topaz, Alec and Aneal

(This season of Big Brother the producers are on a huge punishment kick and we got some last night.) 

In a strange turn of events the Big Brother house told the contestants that someone in the house messed with a camera and the whole house would be punished for the rules being broken. (It seems odd to me that Big Brother wouldn't show the viewers what went down or that they wouldn't have reprimanded the individual that broker the rules.) The punishment ended up being pretty bad too. Every once and awhile a buzzer would sound indicating that the house guests had to gather into the living room and complete a random task. Some harder than others.

Task 1 - Build a Human Pyramid

It seemed to get done pretty quickly and the only casualty was Aneal's testicles.

Task 2 - Everyone Shower Together For Five Minutes

This was a weird one. The funniest thing to happen was when Tom's feud with Suzette left one shower with six people in the shower and eight in the other one.

Task 3 - Brush Someone Else's Teeth

Pretty self explanatory  except that there is an odd number of house guests so Tom, Gary and Suzette had to have a teeth brushing threesome. It also didn't seem to bother Suzette all that much considering she hates Tom.

Task 4- 15 Jumping Jacks Then Submerge Yourself in The Pool

This one just confuses me... does that have some sort effect on your body? Do you get a painful sensation in your lungs? How is that a punishment? Is it because this one happens in the middle of the night? Is Big Brother just trying to keep them up all night?

Task 5 - Dance Party

Yes, the fifth task was to have a dance party in the living room. I really don't seem how that is a punishment.

Task 6 - Create a Trail of Items from Kitchen to Bedroom with Items Decreasing in Size

I still don't understand this one or how it was judged or how the contestants knew that they had actually completed it or how no one yelled at Gary for being asleep the whole time.

WTF: AJ and Andrew
(Things I just can't explain.)

There was a really quick shot of Andrew and AJ dancing (?) after the eviction ceremony and I really just don't know what to say.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- "Secret Wedding" is not only the worst name for a alliance, Topaz and Gary might be the worst alliance in any Big Brother ever.

- Suzette's out burst at the beginning of the episode was great and the fact she lost it on Aneal was even funnier. Those two are so oblivious.

- When Red were coming close to winning the Have/Have Not's challenge all Talla was doing was yelling "PETER!" at the top of her lungs. There wasn't even any reasoning or timing to her screams. They were just noise.

- I am super curious to see what will make Emmet turn on Tom first. Will it be Jillian or Tom's destructive personality?

Running Cast Grade: B+
(Last Episode: B)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

Getting Danielle's bitchy personality out of the house hasn't just brought the mood up it seems to have made Gary open up a little more and talk with some other house guests, which might turn out to be bad but good for us. Suzette losing her mind was a plus and it's always fun to see a middle aged women act like a child. Then to have a child actually react to her and start yelling back, it was great. The first five minutes alone brought the grade up, too bad it ended with exactly what everyone thought was going to happen. I hope someone mixes it up a little this season.

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