Sunday, March 31, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (March 31)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Swords, Axes and Fire, Lots of Fire

1. Game of Thrones (HBO 9/8c)

The third season is supposedly the one that the guys in charge were most excited to make. Hearing that made me even more excited then I already was, which means GoT gets the number one spot on a crowded Sunday night. What will Tyrion do about being shoved aside by his family? How will Deanerys' plans to get her throne back go? And will Hodor become the hero and star of the show everyone wants?

2. The Walking Dead (AMC 9/8c)

The season finale means one thing, the conflict with the Governor will come to an end. How that happens and how many people will die seems up to Rick which probably means that he will pick the wrong thing to do and then get a lot of people dead. In the comics (which are very different than the show) when this conflict ended almost half of the group was killed so I would not be surprised to see a fair number of the cast kick the bucket. What I really want to happen though is that the Governor gets an awesome farewell, like with flames and explosions. Is there any other way that he could go out?

3. Vikings (The History Channel 10/9c)

Earl Haraldson learns from a seer (psychic) that Ragnor wants him dead and that is not something the Earl takes to kindly to. So instead of taking precautions and preparing himself, he decides to take action and burn Ragnor's home and farm to the ground. From seeing how Ragnor is after four episodes I don't think he will be too happy with the Earl and I expect some sort of fight which is always a good thing on this show.

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