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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 5

Big Brother Canada Recap

Quattro Isn't Just A Razor Anymore

In Memoriam
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


Oh Danielle, so sweet and innocent when you were doing diary room interviews or trying to make nice with Jillian. It seemed like as soon as other women got attention that you feel you deserved you checked out of the game and decided to stay in your room and subtly hate on everyone in the house except Gary. In the end the fact that you stayed away from most of the house guests is your downfall. If you would have campaigned against Aneal you had a much better chance of staying, instead you hung out in the room with Gary talking about how stupid everyone is and pretending to kick Jillian in the face. You were one of my picks to go far in the house and that's the only reason I'll miss you. You had so much potential.

Head of Household
(HoH competition)

Competition: Popular Vote

The contestants would be asked a series of questions about the house guests but when they answered they were not supposed to answer in their own opinion but rather what they think the majority of the house would have answered. Most of the questions were pretty easy. Easy enough that it came down to a six way tie leading to the tie breaking question. In the end Tom was the closest without going over and is the new HoH.

Winner: Tom

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- When ever Big Brother captions what the players are saying, instead of just blurring out the swears they just leave them out completely. I thought I was hearing things when the voice and words weren't matching up.

- We finally found out that there is a four man alliance with Peter, Alec, Emmet and Tom. They even have a name: Quattro. It's bad, and with Peter and Alec coming up with The Shield(or The S.H.I.E.L.D.) I had higher hopes for the alliance name game. At least it's better than the Quack Pack.

- Arisa Cox has impressed me a lot this season but last night when the contestants where voting she had quite a bit of misplaced enthusiasm. Especially right after Talla voted for Aneal, Arisa was throwing to a commercial and was all "You know what that means!" "We now have a 3 to 2 vote." How is that exciting?

-The fashion show was pretty creepy.

- I love when the live crowd reacts emphatically and when I heard the "OHHHHH!" after Danielle snubbed Aneal's hug, I laughed.

- Peter is the stealthiest player in the house.

Live Feed Thoughts
(I only watch the live feeds a little but here are some of my thoughts.)

- Emmet is super touchy feely and always has his hands all over Jillian.

- The cast really likes talking to the cameras.

- Tom is so cocky he is already trying to plan who he evicts when so that the Jury House is more "fun."

- Suzette wondered openly why she hasn't been doing many diary room interviews... It's because you're boring and don't do anything.

Prediction Updates
(Taking a look at some of my preseason predictions.)

Let me just start this section by saying I based my predictions on a written interview with each contestant and a short, poorly edited (for getting to know the cast) ET Canada interview. So with that being said and after having 2 weeks in the bag here are my updated predictions.



Least Favorites

Next To Go

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last Episode: B)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

The cast isn't really improving that much, although they are starting to get comfortable with each other. That usually means that we can all hope for some confrontation, not to mention after the whole Danielle eviction thing Gary is going to be on the war path. Too bad Tom won the HoH and we are in for another week with the same people in charge. I wonder if Gary is the main target and if he is will he be able to win the Veto two weeks in a row.

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