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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 8

Big Brother Canada Recap

Canada Either Loves Suzette or Hates Tom

In Memoriam
(Remembering the evicted house guest.)


Your departure was a shock. I couldn't believe you were gone. It's not that I expected you to make it far but I was sure Suzette was leaving this week. The Chevy Power Shift really screwed you, buddy. I wasn't the only one who was shocked, tom was hurt that he had to nominate you because his hands were tied.I feel extremely bad that you were evicted that way and you should have had a chance to campaign but that wasn't the case. You leave us now having been lap danced by Talla, screamed at by Suzette and called one of Tom's good friends, what more could you ask for.

Head of Household
(HoH competition)

Competition: Bees Knees

Each competitior had holders attached to the knees of their costumes. They needed to transfer colored balls from flowers over to their stations but they couldn't transfer them using their hands they had to use the container devices on their knees. If that wasn't complicated enough each player had to make sure to grab three red balls and three blue balls to go along with the yellow in order to win.

Winner: Emmet

Emmet won the competition with ease, although I swear I saw him cheat at least once by transferring a ball in his hand. After he had won Jillian pulled a Rachel(Big Brother US) and jumped into Emmet's arms in celebration.

Did Emmet Cheat?

There is a little controversy in the Big Brother house at the moment over whether or not Emmet cheated during the HoH competition and how it will affect the game. One rule of the Head of Household contest was you could not transfer balls using your hands. At one point both Liza and Jillian were warned about it and no one else recieved a warning. On his way to winning the contest there is a second where it looks like Emmet is running to his station with a ball in his hands. Whether or not he will lose his HoH title is not the question, I'm just trying to show that yes Emmet did in fact break the rules. Here is the only evidence I could find.

1. Here's Emmet playing by the rules.

2. Here he is turning away from the flower.

3. He bends down to get something off the ground.

4. Continues turning to run to his other station.

5. In full stride his arm goes back and you can clearly see a ball in his hand.

The Chevrolet Power Shift
(Big Brother sometimes gives Canada the opportunity to affect the game.)

In the first big twist of the season (if you don't count the payphone and Marcia the Moose) Canada was given the power to save one of the nominated house guests. In what seems like a declaration of hate against Tom, Canada chose to save Suzette leaving Tom to replace her with someone else. Seeing as how he had already saved Gary with the Power of Veto he couldn't nominate Gary and since he is affiliated with almost everyone else through an alliance his only option was to nominate Aneal.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- If the Chevy Power Shift was supposed to change the dynamics of the house, it hasn't. Gary and Suzette still seem to be the target and Tom didn't lose any votes by getting rid of Aneal. Although if Tom's jealousy gets its way we could see a shift.

- Suzette at one point explains how she is different than everybody, which kind of sounds like she thinks she is better than everyone.

- Understatement of the Year: When Tom said that AJ was just a seat filler. He meant it about this weeks nomination but I took it as the whole season. (You're in my seat AJ!)

- Aneal's exit was the complete opposite of Danielle's. He left with honor and grace and every actually seemed sad to see him go.

- Tom's "relationship" with Liza will be his downfall.

- Actually Andrew, Tom and Peter's downfall will all be Liza.

- Talla is slowly becoming my favorite house guest.

- Quattro is crumbling even faster than I thought and Tom is looking more and more like everyone's target.

Prediction Updates
(Taking a look at some of my preseason predictions.)

- AJ and Suzette have blown up my prediction that they would be the first to go.

- Gary is destroying my prediction that if he doesn't get an alliance he will be helpless.

- Talla and Topaz are definitely floaters, although Talla is doing a much better job at it then Topaz.

- Jillian is not really a floater but besides her winning one HoH she is very close to the coattail riding club.

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last Episode: B-)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

The cast has been getting to know each other and it seems to me that they are becoming a little too friendly. I know in order to spend that much time with other people you have to tolerate them but it would be nice to have someone on the show who didn't care and would just say whatever is on their mind. The closest we came to that was Suzette calling tom a redneck. Hopefully as the main alliance starts to break apart we can see some more confrontation but for now the cast has been pretty good but not great.

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