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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 3

Big Brother Canada Recap

Mental and Physical Waffling

In the third episode of the inaugural season we get our first mention of someone getting backdoored, our first Have/Have Not competition and the aggressive players are the ones being targeted. The Canadian version has the personalities measure up to its U.S. counter part the only thing we are missing is some good alliances and a big move or two. This episode put the idea of both in our minds.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Jillian won the HoH by holding onto a tree the longest. Not to downplay her victory, she did outlast all the strongest men in the house, but to win all she had to do was promise Talla that she was safe. If Talla was into playing the game she would have won the HoH and turned the house onto it's head by putting up one of the strong guys. But that never happened so that's all I will say about that. After winning the HoH she began quickly to talk strategy with her boy toy Emmet. She made it seem that she knew what she was doing but in the end changed her mind minutes before sealing her nominations and in the end put up Aneal, someone who seemed to trust her, and Gary, who definitely would have targeted many other people before her (one being Aneal). Depending on who wins the veto her plan is to backdoor (?) Aneal, even though he is already on the block. We'll see if she can control the game or just be played by the Canadian version of the Brigade.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Aneal - He is making the main alliance in the house nervous because he talks a lot of game and is seemingly going after Tom. His only way to stay is to win the Power of Veto.

Gary - Gary is being targeted because he is loud and always upfront which makes a lot of the people in the house uncomfortable. Also his glitter obsession is a little unnerving.

Have/Have Not
(The Have/Have Not competition decides who will be haves and who will eat slop and sleep in a clown infested, super orange bedroom.)

Competition: Batter Up

  • Red - Gary, Topaz, Danielle, Aneal, Suzette (sitting out)
  • Green- Tom, Alec, Talla, Peter
  • Blue - Emmet, Liza, AJ, Andrew
The point of the game was to fill a waffle mold with waffle batter, the only twist was they could only use their bodies to transfer the batter. Two members of each team would jump into the pool of batter covering their entire bodies with waffle batter, had to then climb out and travel over to the waffle molds so that the other two teammates could scrape off their teammates batter covered body in the molds. The game was closer than you would have thought considering how cocky the green team was but in the end the losers of the competition were Tom, Alec, Peter, and Talla. The best part came after the competition when the Have Not's had to choke down their slop shakes.

Haves: Gary, Topaz, Danielle, Liza, Suzette, Jillian, Emmet, Andrew, AJ, and Aneal

Have Not's:  Tom, Alec, Talla, Peter

WTF: Gary
(Things I just can't explain.)

They Said What?
(Best quotes of the week.)

All this weeks quotes come from last nights episode.

3. "I'm sweating like a whore in church." - Liza

2. "As I'm squeegeeing Alec, I touched him somewhere and he started laughing, and he's like Talla, and I'm like 'whoops.'" - Talla

1. "My left foot is f***ed and is shaking like I have Parkinson's." - Gary

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- The Canadian accents were supper evident last night, hard and arm were being Canada-ized to the max.

-Danielle is convinced that Jillian is jealous of her but Jillian is convinced Danielle is jealous of her. And the Hunger for Emmet Games begin.

- Aneal has taken the place of Kat as most aggressive player in the house and it seems that if you are playing too hard you will be targeted. Or if you're just not cool enough for Tom.

- Tom actually used the term "Bro Code."

- Tom will take any chance to criticize anyone but from what we see in DR interviews he seems to be targeting Gary the most. He did state how he hated gay people in the first episode. (This section might be changed to bash Tom next week. Wait and see.)

- If the Canadian version of the Brigade has been formed the people in charge have done a disservice to the fans by not showing it's creation or even dedicating a couple minutes to them strategizing or talking protein. They also need a good nickname The Mounties? No that's not to good, I'll think about it. (Brigade counter parts: Tom is Enzo, Emmet is Hayden, Alec is Lane and Peter is Matt.)

Running Cast Grade: B
(Last episode: B-)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

So far this season the cast hasn't been exceptional, but I think we are getting there. People are starting to get restless and annoyed of the other house guests which will come to a head at some point. If Gary leaves it could be detrimental to the possibility of chaos but I have faith in Talla or Danielle to throw at least one hissy fit and maybe even Tom getting into a shouting match with someone. Come on controversy!

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