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Survivor Power Rankings (Week 4)

Survivor Power Rankings: Episode 4

Favorites Are Still In The Lead

1. Phillip (Favorites)
(Last Week: #7)

Not only did Phillip expand his secret spy organization (which might have been a mistake but for now placated The Honey Badger), he was also the main reason why his tribe won both competitions. During the reward competition he was the centerpiece (literally) when the whole tribe had to stand on one plank and when the group started to lean I imagine the person in the middle is a huge part it regaining balance. In the immunity challenge he was the competitor tasked with knocking down all the wooden blocks by throwing sandbags at them to win the challenge. Even though he got a little tired he held of a late comeback from the challenge machine that is Reynolds. The Specialist regains the number one spot.

2. Brenda (Favorites)
(Last Week: N/A)
3. Andrea (Favorites)
(Last Week: #7)

These two are being ranked together because they both pretty much did the same thing this episode, they were both extremely solid during the challenges for the favorites. Brenda was the first girl that had to cross the "bridge" being held up by her teammates. When she got to the second platform Andrea joined her and they worked incredibly fast to make it to the third platform and give there team a slight lead going into the stack your team on a single platform part of the challenge. During the second competition all either woman had to do was hit there target first try and the both succeeded actually doing it faster than most of the men on the Fans tribe.

4. Reynolds (Fans)
(Last Week: 5)

The challenge machine came so close to coming back out of no where for his team. In all the episodes so far this season, the fans have started most competitions behind only to have Reynolds make it super close almost within no time. And I don't know if it is just good editing but it always looks like he has the chance to win it for his team. The only downfall of the episode for him was that he didn't believe Matt enough to save his Idol. By playing it now he leaves himself very vulnerable since the major alliance still has the numbers.

5. Katta
(Last Week: N/A)

I have no idea if I am spelling his name write (I swear I heard Malcolm call him Hafta at one point but I'm not sure) but the little Filipino woodsman came to the Favorites camp as a reward and showed them how to live off the land. In other words he cooked them dinner and fixed up there shelter. Not only that, the little dude got some action. He had all the ladies dancing with him and right before he left he got a four way kiss. This guy is the man.

6. Next Week On Survivor
(Last Week: #8)

This segment at the very end of the episodes is now being ranked above actual players who actually did something during the episodes, that's how exciting the next episode looks. When I saw the clip I was confused because it was the Favorites tribe that was the focus of it. The honey Badger to be exact, and what looks like an act of rice sabotage. I can't wait to see what sets the HB off.

7. Matt (Fans)
(Last Week: N/A)

Matt single handedly sealed Laura's fate when he started to plan to have the "strongest" tribe. He campaigned to everyone in his alliance and it shocked me to see that Laura didn't see this coming from a mile away. The only problem with Matt's plan is that I would only rank Michael and Sherrie below him in the strength department, so he only has about nine days left.

8. Brandon a.k.a. The Honey Badger a.k.a. Middle Management a.k.a. The Conqueror (Favorites)
(Last Week: 2)

Brandon finally got into Phillip's secret spy alliance (Stealth R Us) and is now going to infiltrate it from the inside. His plan, for some strange reason, has always been to sabotage his own tribe before he has a chance to be voted off and with that held off for a week Brandon played as if he was a team player.

9. 2 Challenges
(Last Week: N/A)

I love when there are two challenges in an episode. Not only does it make the time seem to go by a little quicker but since about the 12th season of Survivor the players have become so ultra competitive that camp life is either awkwardly quiet or silently tension filled and not much usually happens. So since this episode had two challenges I will reward it with a spot on the Survivor Power Rankings.

10. Laura (Fans)
(Spot Reserved For Eliminated Contestant)

Laura was super competitive and if only she was a little stronger in challenges. Her main fault was that she was expendable, her alliance still had the numbers to pick off Eddie and Reynolds if that's what the ywant to do. Laura, you were sneaky and made some nice moves in your short time and you probably won't be missed or you'll be forgotten quickly. Who knows?

No Air Time All Stars

1. Dawn (Favorites)

Literally the only time I saw her on the screen when there weren't any challenges going on was when Phillip was telling Brenda everyone's nickname. She disappeared this episode and if it was for some of the personalities on her tribe I would expect her to be the next Favorite to go.

2. Julia (Fans)

The race car driver had very limited screen time. Away from the competitions I believe there might have been a reaction shot of her after she was told Laura was going home but I don't think she even responded audibly to that person.

3. Eric (Favorites)

Eric's only highlight of this episode was when Phillip told Brenda the nickname he gave to Eric was the Silent One and then the directors jumped to a clip of Eric going, "It's because I'm silent." What a guy.

Worst Of The Week

Tie: Shamar and Shamar's Eye

Shamar started the episode in a hurry to earn worst of the week. He didn't help much in the first challenge pretty much just being someone who takes up space. And then when they got back he went and laid in the shelter for what seemed like forever, but really it was only until he was ready to declare that his teammates had to bring him at least a cup of rice each day. Because he couldn't get up and walk a couple feet to retrieve the only thing that will make him feel better. Then out of nowhere Shamar rubs his eye and there happens to be a piece of sand in there that scratches up his cornea. So in the end after last episodes threat to quit the game Shamar is taken out of the game by doctor's orders. Well at least he gets to keep face, let's hope the eyes stays too.

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