Sunday, April 14, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (April 14)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Vikings, Mad Kings and Mad Men

1. Game of Thrones (HBO 9/8c)

Daenerys is putting together her army, little Arya has just been found out as a Stark, Brianne and Jamie Lannister are all but goners and for some reason Theon Greyjoy is still alive. Things we don't see in the preview: What happened to the Hound? Is old lady Tyrelle still gossiping over lemon cakes and cheese? Has Joffrey gotten his suit back from the Tailor? This season seems to be shaping up nicely and I hope to get a little more action soon instead of all this place setting.

2. Mad Men (AMC 10/9c)

Since Matthew Wiener doesn't like to put anything in the trailer for the next episode that will spoil anything, we get another thirty second clip of people saying things like "I didn't think you were capable of something like that" or " he'll never know." To whom and in what context those lines are said will forever be a mystery(well unless you watch the show). Since we get nothing from the clip here is my one prediction of something that will happen: Pete Campbell will act like a dick at least twice this episode.

3. Vikings (History Channel 10/9c)

I was all wrong about Earl Haraldson getting killed off last week, but in the end it is probably a lot better for the show to have Ragnar in charge so they can make it too England and start pillaging, In the preview it looks like Ragnar is using the old ransom trick to get his bank built up, I wonder in the king who seems extremely pissed off is going to let this slide. My guess is no. And with only two episodes left after this one, you can only imagine that this will be building to the final conflict.

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