Tuesday, April 9, 2013

T.T.T.TV. (April 9)

Tonight's Top Three on TV

Reality TV Tuesday

1. Hell's Kitchen (Fox 8/7c)

Do you like watching Gordon Ramsay berate some mediocre chefs when they make ridiculous mistakes? Well then, this is the show for you. Not only does he verbally abuse everyone on the show he also likes to smash food that wasn't prepared right which is always fun to see.

2. The Ultimate Fighter (FX 9/8c)

The last episode before the big finale. We will get to see two fights and if every thing pans out as Dana White expects it to then Josh and Uriah will be the ones fighting on the finale. Before that can happen both guys are going to have battles to deal with because the two competitors that they are up against have been underdogs all tourney and are no strangers to surprises.

3. The Voice NBC (8/7c)

Each coach needs one more contestant for their teams and with this being an hour long episode we might be in for a couple of people not making it as well. If you are someone who reads my Voice team ranking post I will not be doing one today and I will leave it until Wednesday when all the teams have been picked.

I will be doing this post Sunday to Thursday because there is nothing good on TV Friday and Saturday. If you want to follow me on Twitter or send me some feedback follow me at @AJ_Trevor

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