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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 22

Big Brother Canada Recap

Tantrums, Veto's and Familial Love

The episode before this was pretty boring and since nothing has really changed I imagine this episode will be lackluster as well. The best way they could have spiced things up was to bring the Jury member back before the Veto contest so that they could actually play the game and not fall into the house as the fifth man/woman on the totem pole. But they wont so we have to sit through another episode of Jillian and Emmet making plans to make babies and stuff like that.

Power of Veto
(Winning the Power of Veto means you can change one of the nominations.)

Competition: Sleep Tight

This contest is a three round, elimination obstacle course. After each round the last person to finish will be eliminated from the competition. The first round is having to brush some sticky green stuff off of a giant mouth. Emmet, Andrew and Jillian were the first three to finish only to find out that the little help that Emmet gave to Jillian is enough to get him DQ'd from the competition which allowed Peter to slide into the next round. The second round is a sliding puzzle and is easily won by Andrew and Jillian. The third and last round is a find a sheep with a star on it and then climb up a mattress mountain and jump into a bed to win. Andrew ended up taking the third round without breaking a sweat and on top of winning the Veto he also won a $10,000 gift certificate to the Brick.

Winner: Andrew

Ceremony: Andrew used the Veto to save himself and Jillian nominated Talla in his place.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Peter - It looks like the end for the "smartest" player in the game and unless he can convince Jillian and Emmet to keep him which is very unlikely.

Talla - Another week and another week(couple of days tops) of Talla being a pawn. She might not like it but it's not like she has any choice or could do anything about it if she was given a choice.

Phone Booth Challenge
(Once and awhile the house is given a challenge, secret or otherwise, in order to earn a reward.)


Whenever the Big Brother voice artist would come onto the speakers and tell everyone to freeze, well, they had to freeze in place and not move until the BBVA told them they could unfreeze. It wasn't too difficult of a challenge and there was only one time they came close to losing. If they succeeded in freezing every time they were told too they would win a big reward but if they failed they would get punished.

Luckily they survived however long this mission went on for, even when the distractions started to enter the house. First was a sumo wrestler, who stomped around moaning. Then came the cheerleaders who danced around each player cheering there name. But the hardest distraction and the only one I thought someone would break from is when Pete, Andrews twin brother, showed up and made Andrew start bawling.

In the end they succeeded in there mission and they each won a video call with there family back home.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- I think it's funny that the oldest member of the house cannot approach a serious topic with another house guest unless he phrases it as a joke. C'mon Andrew.

- Whenever Talla talks strategy with anyone, the conversation pretty much always turns into Talla repeating everything the other player is saying.

- Emmet losing his mind after being disqualified reminded me of that kid in gym class who is so competitive that almost all games ended with a fight, especially dodge ball. I wonder how good Emmet is at dodge ball?

- Peter is definitely a sore loser but wouldn't you be too if you lost a competition that secures your exit from the game?

- Jillian calling Peter a sore loser is hilarious coming from the worst winner in Big Brother history (after Gary of course). Do you not remember you're Brock Lesner cage freak out in the last HoH competition?

- I think it's crazy that if you a considered smart on reality TV that any little stumble or trouble with a certain thing (like a sliding puzzle) will earn you so much ridicule.

- I wonder what else is on Peter's bucket list. I imagine it's stuff like: Catch and kill a chicken with his bare hands  Become a heel on a WWE show. And probably something like, try and take over the world.

Running Cast Grade: C
(Last Episode: C+)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

Like I said at the top, the best thing they could have done for entertainment purposes was to bring the returning jury member earlier but instead we got a week with Jillian and Emmet groping each other, Andrew being old, Talla's incessant screaming and Peter being the loner. There wasn't any conflict(unless you count Emmet holding his hands out for an hour after the Veto competition) and there wasn't even any good interactions between the house guests. The only reason this grade stayed in the C''s this week is because Andrew and his twin brother made me cry. But for the future, I want less crying on Big Brother and more drunken fighting and debauchery.

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