Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Voice: Ranking The Teams

Ranking The Teams

Blake Shelton Takes The Lead

In this post I will be ranking the teams on an episode to episode basis. I will be taking into consideration the picks, the coaches decision, tactics and who has a pet bird with them.

1. Team Blake

Already on his team: The Morgan Twins, Danielle Bradbury, Christian Porter, Holly Tucker, The Swan Brothers

We only got to see one of the two artists that Blake picked this episode (Trevor Davies was not shown). That artists was Savannah Berry the country singer with the huge voice. Blake is just beating Adam right now because of the country superstars Blake has and he might have a chance to win his third season if he keeps this up.

Best Performance: Savannah Berry

2. Team Adam

Already on this team: Judith Hill, Midas Whale, Sarah Simmons, Karina Iglesias, Warren Stone, Duncan Kamakana

Adam picked up two artists,m one being a returnee from last season (Agina Alvarez was not shown). The best performer that he picked up this episode was Patrick Dodd, the dread locked Tennessean who sang and rocked 'Walking in Memphis.' Adam will need to make the right choices for pairings in the battle rounds if he wants to challenge Blake.

Best Performance: Patrick Dodd

3. Team Usher

Already on his team: Jess Kellner, Vedo, Josiah Hawley, Michelle Chamuel, Taylor Beckham, Chelsea M.

Usher was the only one who turned for Orlando Dixon and I'm curious as to why, he even makes a point to tell Orlando that he is going to push him really hard. The best pick up for Usher though, was the former model Audrey Karrasch. He has decided not turn for country artists and is having to turn around solo to attract some people so they don't get stolen by Blake or Adam.

Best Performance: Audrey Karrasch

4. Team Shakira

Already on her team: Mark Andrews, Kris Thomas, Tawnya Reynolds, Garrett Gardner, Monique Abbadie, J'Sun

Shakira was the only one who turned for Workaholic lookalike, Brandon Roush. I am not against that pick but the only way she can get artists is to be the only one to turn or hope they love her more than the other coaches. She also picked up C.Perkins (wasn't shown) and seem to be the only one to turn for him as well. Shakira has only one shot and that's she needs to at least get one amazing singer who she could ride to the championship.

Best Performance: Brandon Roush

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