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Big Brother Canada Recap: Episode 24

Big Brother Canada Recap

When Andrew Met Gary, Again

Now that Gary is back in the house you can be sure that he will do everything in his power to stir things up. The real big question though is will he be in the house long enough to actually change anything? Besides Emmet, Gary really doesn't have anyone that he could trust seeing as how Andrew got him out, Jillian lies to everyone and Talla still thinks Gary is just visiting. Look out Gary Glitter is back in the house.

Head of Household
(The HoH has all the power in the house.)


Emmet won the HoH competition by putting together a puzzle faster than Gary, Talla and Andrew, earning his second reign as Head of Household(would have been third if he didn't get DQ'd). After the competition he started playing both sides rather quickly. He told Gary that they have options now that he's back in the game and at the same time tried to calm Andrew down by telling him the truth. Although both strategies backfired pretty quickly with Gary trying to get him to talk about getting Jillian out of the house while she was around the corner and when he told Andrew the truth, Andrew realized that he was as trusted as he thought and got pretty upset.

(The two players currently nominated for eviction.)

Gary - I still can't figure out if Emmet is playing Gary or actually plans to take him to the final two but either way Gary has made it further than I think anyone expected and I have a feeling he won't care if he goes to the Jury house for a second time.

Andrew - Andrew, the old man, is about to lose his mind. At one point before Gary was re-introduced, Andrew said he would self evict if Gary came back(he has yet to do it). He is constantly annoyed by Talla and is probably on his last nerve. Now he also has the fact that his alliance isn't as faithful as he is and it is unlikely he will take that laying down.

Marcia The Moose

Marcia came alive this episode to scare the crap out of Talla, she also confused her with simple statements and made her revert to a childlike wonderment with the revelation that she couldn't tell anyone about her.

The mission that Marcia had Talla do was to set up an hour long talk show. She had specific tasks to accomplish in order to earn a reward for the house. Her first task was to do a two minute monologue, her second task was to find out an interesting fact that she didn't already know about each one of the other house guests and the third task was that after each fact she had to reply "I did not know that!"

Talla ran around the house and forced the cast to join her in the living room and actually telling Emmet that it could not wait and that he had to come now. It seemed that we were forsure in for our first fail of the season but I think the rest of the house kind of knew that it was a secret mission and went along with it in order to get a reward.

In the end Talla pulled it off and earned the house a night of fun and Talla-tini's. Talla and Gary were the only two that seemed to be excited for the alcohol.

WTF: Jillian Crazy Face
(Things I just can't explain.)

Mid-way through the episode we are shown a flashback to Peter and Jillian talking the day before Peter was evicted and Peter basically told her that if he was sent to the jury house then he would poison the whole jury against her. Now here is were it gets really good Jillian is obviously being threatened and she knows it so she tells Peter exactly what she thinks. While her emotions start to show we get to see a side of Jillian we have never seen before: The Jillian Crazy Face.

Best Quotes 
(Here are some of the best quotes from last nights episode.)

3. "You're a prick." - Andrew to Emmet

2. "What's a monologue?" - Talla to Marcia the Moose

1. "Now when Talla finally wraps up this episode of Talking With Talla, you know, you get that sense of relief, like after you go to the doctor to get a rectal exam perhaps." Andrew in the Diary Room.

Random Thoughts
(Here are some of my random thoughts.)

- Talla has no chance of winning the game. The Jury will not vote for her to win and if she goes to the final two her best case scenario is second place.

- I give Jillian and Emmet's relationship one month when they get out of the house.

- Gary might have screwed himself by bringing up Jillian's name while she was in the HoH bathroom. Although he Jury house lies might give the house a reason to keep him.

- I believe out of every one Jillian knew the Talla Talk Show was a secret mission the whole time because as soon as Talla brought up the idea she was nudging Emmet and telling him they should go.

- I wonder how many producers had to tell Talla she couldn't tell the other players about Marcia. My guess is three.

- I don't know if Emmet know's any actual chess strategy but if he wins I will definitely start to play that certain board game a lot more in preparation for the next Big Brother Canada.

Running Cast Grade: C+
(Last Episode: C+)
(Grading the cast on an episode to episode basis.)

This episode was filled with Andrew complaining, Gary lying, Jillian and Emmet making out(I don't know if that happened because when they are on the screen together I usually tune out for a bit) and Talla not know what was going on. The talk show bit was boring, it dragged on for a little longer than necessary and if it wasn't for the couple of hilarious quotes from Andrew and Emmet would have been completely useless TV. Ladies and gentlemen get ready for at least two more weeks of you Big Brother Canada top five.

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